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MNHE provides premium natural hair extensions that blend well with all natural hair types. We are dedicated to offering quality  extensions that make women feel and look good. For more information on hot properly manage and style your hair, be sure to read the latest posts.



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When determining the exact  amount of kinky curly hair to order, take into account the length and thickness of your natural hair as well as the style you aim for a full head.  Low-weight packs are generally fit for people with naturally thin-textured and fine hair.  If your hair is short, and you are looking to add to its volume and length, these packs are an excellent option for you. Larger weights are suitable for ladies with naturally thick hair texture and aiming to add exponential length. For more insight on our textures, be sure to read this amazing post how to care for Afro Kinky hair You want to check the number of wefts and their total weight in each set of clip in before finalizing your purchase. A pack containing 10 pieces and weighing at least 175 grams should be enough for adding volume and length or creating a protective hairstyle.

Blending means the changes you make to your hair for it to resemble the clip in wefts. A weave with the same texture and color as your hair is ideal for a flawless look. Clip ins are the best for blending existing hair and are the most suitable fit for a kinky curly girl. These clip ins are made from human black hair and will undoubtedly take after your original hair, especially if it’s Type 4 hair. The clip ins have a kinky curly hair texture whose versatility allows you to manipulate them with a variety of styling methods to mimic the natural kinking or curling of human hair.  It’s not surprising that our products are the highest quality and grade clip ins on the market and closest to the original hair.

kinky curly hair is a beauty enhancer that you would rather keep discrete, whether you are styling up or down. The first step to more natural styling with clip ins is to check their quality. Are they human hair or synthetics? How do customers review them on the Web?  Synthetics are susceptible to damage, while human hair allows for more styling options without undergoing damage. Choose texture and color that match yours and install the clips like a pro. Ensure that the clips fit firmly and close to the root of your hair. Whereas one’s choice of styling depends on personal preferences, curling eases the blending process. You might also consider visiting your hairstylist for a perfect trim. The professional will trim the extension to match your haircut for a more authentic look. Conventionally, clip ins come with blunt ends, so you want to trim them to achieve a more authentic look. You can also dye the wefts to perfection. It’s advisable to wash the clip ins or apply a texturizing spray to reduce the glossy shine.

A rat-tail comb, water bottle, mirror, and your clip ins set are all you need for a seamless installation.  Besides, installing each item takes little of your valuable time.

Best Extensions for Natural Hair

Using the rat-tail comb, part your hair into a horizontal section to form a foundation for your kinky curly hair. Start from the back to the front when installing clip ins in your hair. Placing the weft on each installation part, open the clips, slide them down to the root of your hair, and snap them closed. Always start installing wefts at the middle of each section, and proceed to the sides. Once you finish with the first row, create another part, and repeat the placement. For every two rows of wefts, ensure that your hair and clip ins are damp and not wet. You might consider applying some styling cream to help your hair and wefts have similar curls. A mirror is necessary to help you see what you are doing and make adjustments if required. 

The right natural hair clip ins should be your best-kept secret for renewed beauty and confidence. For the wefts to blend with your hair, you ought to select matching color and texture. Also, be sure to buy the right number of clip in wefts and install them following the guidelines outlined earlier in the article.

The Best Kinky Curly Clip Ins

Obtaining high-quality clip ins is non-negotiable for successful blending. Our afro clip ins are made from natural black hair and guarantee a long lifespan. Furthermore, you will love the quick delivery and excellent customer support that accompany each item.  Blending doesn’t have to take days. Keep your hair moisturized while ensuring that it maintains its softness for quick results. A hair conditioner will give your hair a healthy and pleasant feeling.


When going to sleep, plait your hair in the direction you aim your curls to drop to. Some customers twist their hair to blend with the curly wefts, but note that this can only work if you have naturally curly hair. Spray the hair with some moisture before covering it with a scarf. Be confident that your hair will completely resemble the hair extension in the morning.

The beauty of kinky curly hair is that it allows a customer to create a wide range of hairstyles effortlessly and within no time. The options are endless for an item that can be conditioned, dyed, washed, and ironed without damage. Bangs with afro sets boast a generally positive review on social media and online forums. To make bangs, part a section of your hair near the forehead and follow the installation guidelines to attach the kinky curly wefts on the section. Following installation, cut the braids to the right size of bangs for your forehead.

Luxury Kinky Hair Extensions

You will also love the elegance of buns made with an afro kinky, especially if you are looking for a style suitable for the days and nights. Having clipped your wefts in position, twist them several times around the same base to create a top bun whose volume you can vary with the number of clip ins you use. You can style your wefts to form loose kinky curly or twist them into a sleek ponytail. The list of styles you can achieve with an afro set is endless as long as you place and blend them appropriately. Find out more about the latest quick weave hairstyles.

Creating a hairstyle that makes you stand out in the crowd doesn’t have to be a gruesome chore. With ready-made clip ins, you can create a variety of hairstyles with minimal time and effort.

Remy Hair

Our kinky curly guarantees elegance, confidence, and refreshing experience to our customers. Moreover, with our fast delivery services, you can be sure to receive your extension packs within a few days and in good condition. Each review of our products speaks volumes about the love surrounding our high-quality items and services.  Upon a proper review of your current hair and getting armed with the right clip-in set for your head and hair, be sure to follow the guidelines outlined above to blend and style your hair for with rights reserved. Professional products for women of color no longer have to be a mystery only understood by your stylist. All natural hair clip ins can be applied to 4A, 4B and 4c hair in addition to 3A, 3B and 3C. Now you can get good-looking products delivered to your front door. Natural feel, natural look, all-natural color, texture, and shine. Feel fabulous every day when you wear clip-ins, wigs, and closures from our gorgeous selection of professional, easy-to-use hair products. 

World Class Kinky Curly

MNHE stocks the finest clip-ins in the world because our customers order from all over the globe. Wherever a lady wants her to look completed by glorious curls that look amazing, you can be sure she has used a product that we stock. It’s the most elegant representation of the absolute highest quality human hair and real human customer service online for our amazing hair products. For more information on our amazing products feel free to contact customer services as our agents are standing y to help you. If you have questions on which texture you should use on your hair we have you covered. You can also checkout this amazing post covering all ethnic textures. Here at MNHE we understand that not knowing your exact texture can be complicated so we have taken away the hassle to make this process easy and seamless for our our vistors. Our brand is 100% black owned and we focus on making sure black women get the best human hair online. We break down all of the various nuances when it comes to black hair. All our natural hair products have been perfectly wefted to ensure simple blending and installation for the get up and go look. All products ship international and not limited to African American women.

Full & Thick Natural Hair Weave for Black Women

MNHE allow the texture to become easily styled in a variety of different ways. Weave Ponytails, up-dos, and braids, & bundles are offered on the website. Clip-ins are the perfect way to change your style without ruining the beautiful condition of your real locs. Keeping your locs pulled back or relaxed every day to maintain the look you want can cause loss or damage. When you use curly clip-ins, you can look amazing and protect your tress from daily wear and tear (learn more). 

It will look as though your beautiful kinky curly locs cascading around your face when you wear our bundles. They come in many different lengths and textures as well. Buying clip-ins that match your own texture allows for seamless blending and a polished finished result. We cover all your locs needs. You can use clip-ins to camouflage the growing out phase of a cut, or the awkward transitioning phase from straightened relaxed for growth. Just image the length you always wanted your locs to be, after easy installation you can get a real example by using our bundles. how to care for afro kinky hair