The natural Afro hairstyle is back, it’s bold, beautiful and celebrates you!  Your hair is your crowning glory though, and all that heat styling, coloring and keeping up with the latest trends can damage it, leaving you with limp locks and split ends or waiting forever for it to grow.  Wigs are cool, but if you really want that natural look, and want it NOW, hair extensions are the way to go.


How to add extensions to your natural hair

There are a number of options for (almost) instant hair extensions.  

The three above options have a variety of pros and cons.  What they all have in common though, is that you would need somebody else to do it for you, it’s too complicated to sew, crochet or twist successfully behind you – and honestly, if you want it to look halfway good, and last, forget your little sister or best friend volunteering, and have it done at a salon.  You will however, have to be prepared to sit still for a long time, and dig deep to pay for the service.  There is one relatively new option that is simple to do at home, by yourself, making it not only inexpensive, but also really quick.  That is clip-in extensions.  They are all the rage right now. Clip-in extensions are easy to maintain and super-simple to install (just clip in – as the name says!).  Get instant volume or length – or both.  Made from natural hair, they don’t need expert maintenance: just wash, condition or brush as you would with your own hair.  No need to go to the salon and spend hours having them sewn in – or carefully removed.  You can pop them in, in the morning for a bouncy full volume look, and slide them out in the evening for a sleek evening style.  Want to enjoy them for longer?  You don’t have to take them out, you can sleep with them in, and yes, even dive into the pool and swim with them in.    

Where are clip-in extensions sold?

 Clip-in hair extensions are purchased in a pack, and you will get up to 7 wefts (or ‘strips’ of hair that have been woven together in a strip at the top) and these will be attached to anything from 1 to 4 clips, depending on what you’ve ordered.  Now that you have them, here’s how to make the most of them:

Prepare your hair

 Wash and condition your own hair, then wash and condition the wefts of natural hair that you have purchased, using the same products. Allow the wefts to air dry until only just damp, then brush them.  Just as you would with your natural hair, start brushing at the tips removing any tangles, and gradually move the starting point higher and higher until the brush runs smoothly through the full length of the weft.  Then style them in the same way that you are styling your natural hair – either curled on straightened, so that when you clip them in, they blend flawlessly.  If you are using a hair straightener, use a heat shield, styling cream or heat protection spray to prevent damage to both your natural hair and the wefts.

How to add extensions to your natural hair

Now you’re ready to add the extensions and watch your hair grow!

  1. Have a couple of hair bands handy so that you can part your hair and separate it into bunches.
  2. Regardless of how many wefts you are adding, start in the middle, then add to the right and left – or above and below, it will give a more natural finish
  3. Part your hair into at least two bunches, then open the clip on the weft.
  4. Align the clip with the line where your hair is parted, then slide it into your hair as close to the scalp as you can.  
  5. When it’s in place, press the teeth of the clip closed.
  6. Keep adding individual wefts to the left and right, or above and below until you have attained the desired length and volume.
  7. To achieve the most natural look, the clips must be hidden by your natural hair, so don’t let the clip get too close to your hairline.  We recommend leaving at least one-inch space between your hairline and the first natural hair clip-ins.
  8. You can give your combination of own hair and clip-in extensions a final styling together to ensure that they blend perfectly.
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Can I put my extensions into a bun?

 YES!! Whatever you can do with natural hair, you can do with clip-in extensions. To put it into a bun simply follow the easy steps below:

  1. When installing the clip-ins for a bun, part your hair as described above, and clip the first section in the position where you want your bun to be.
  2. Clip the rest of the wefts close together, anything from 2 to 6.
  3. Brush all of your hair together and pull it into pony tail at the point that you inserted the first clip-in.
  4. Grasp the pony tail firmly and twist it into a bun, holding it in position with one hand while you secure it with hairpins using the other hand.
  5. Tidy and secure any loose strands.

MNHE provides the best African American clip in hair extensions online. You can change your look completely, at home, with the minimum of fuss and time wasting.  They are easy to care for, and can be used over and over again.  You can cut them color them and style them to suit your mood or the occasion.  Clip-in extensions are the quickest, coolest and most versatile fashion accessory today.