THE GROWTH STAGES OF NATURAL HAIR 2022 – My Natural Hair Extensions


When it comes to natural hair stages, the one thing that is most sought after is length honey and a lot of it. If you have (or have had) natural hair, however, you would have come to realize that the journey to reach this desired length is quite a difficult one because our type 4 hair doesn’t grow as fast as we anticipate it to. Nevertheless, we struggle through numerous growth stages of natural hair in hopes of being able to tick down on our bucket lists: 

Throughout my whole years of existence, I am yet to say that I have grown long hair. I am saying this with both great humor and embarrassment. Because I’ve never had long hair, I am determined more than ever reach this newfound goal that I have set for myself. Knowing the person that I am, I am confident that I’ll be able to achieve this goal no matter the obstacles that I might face because when I put my mind and heart to something, I commit to it unless proven otherwise.


The Bald Head

 I find this hairstyle daring. I feel that women who can rock this hairstyle have reached a level of ultimate confidence in their lives. Other people’s opinions and criticism are irrelevant to them. This look screams: Hey, I know that you might question my femininity with this hairstyle, but I don’t care! Going bald shows that you are not afraid to start again, this, in turn, is a good thing as it would mean that your hair would have the opportunity to grow healthy and evenly.


 The Teeny Weeny Afro of infamously known for its abbreviation, the TWA is the stage that majority of us naturals have experienced throughout our natural hair journey. When you have undergone a big chop then a TWA is an inevitable stage that you will have to pass and girl, believe me when I tell you that you feel this hair growth stage because there’s honestly only so much that you can do with your hair at that length or add clip-in extensions. What are some of the hairstyles that I rocked while I was in this growth stage? I mainly just wore my TWA as it was. I would give my shrinkage a little edge by also creating a Side Part to provide it with that Tapered Cut illusion.

The Awkward Stage

 I guess we can also refer to this stage as the short hair stage. Okay, I’ll be honest with everyone. I did not enjoy my awkward stage, at all! I remember this was the stage where I used to envy naturals with long hair so much. This was when I was super frustrated with my natural hair and was always trying to find some cute looks to rock seeing that my hair was not in the TWA stage anymore, but it was not long enough yet to achieve the hairstyles that I was trying to go for as well.

What did I start doing in this stage, I binged on YouTube channels of course! Before my big chop, I had zero clues about natural hair, let alone how to care for it, so going natural forced me to learn about my hair. Some of the looks I rocked the most during my awkward length stage were kinky Twists, Bantu Knot Outs, High Puffs, Fro Hawks and all these other essential Hair Do’s that you can think of.

The Medium Stage

 Now, this is what I’m talking about. This is when you’ve reached a length that you’re comfortable and more confident about. You should be proud of yourself for have reached this length. Most look up to you because that is where they would like to see themselves, and some may envy you because they were unfortunately not as patient as you were. They might have gone ahead with another big chop or just chemically processed their hair in its entirety. This is that length where our natural hair can begin to be manipulated to achieve many cute hairstyles. What are some hairstyles to try with this High length Buns are always a yes, a Faux Ponytail and anything that requires you to sleek down your hair.

The Long Stage

 You did it; you have graduated within the natural hair community. Your hair is the most desired length. Young girls and women work tirelessly to reach this goal. They spend months, some even years without seeing the results they’re looking for. What most people disregard about this length is that although this length is highly achievable, it is depended on many factors such a proper hair regimen, diet and genes (these are all topics for another day). What hairstyles can you achieve with this length? Anything! You do not have any restrictions when it comes to choosing hairstyles. You’ve worked so hard to grow this hair (or not) so enjoy it. What natural hair stage are you currently in? Let me know in the comment section below. You can also follow me on Instagram and YouTube. Until then, naturally you.