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EPIC Growth w/ Best Beard Kit for Black Men

Finding the best tools you need to add drip to your facial hair is critical. In this post, we will break down everything you wanna know about having the best beard kit for black men that want full beard growth.


The BEST Beard Kit For Black Men



No African American male devoted to the perfect beard growth should ever be without one or two beard kits. Why two is recommended is in case you travel or stay in more than one home. One beard kit for your bathroom and one for your gym bag, overnight bag, or partner. Bathroom cabinet will serve you well.

Ideally, your beard kit should contain more than one product, but if we had to choose one essential beard item that you should never be without, it would have to be beard oil. The best beard oil for black men will tame its natural curliness, condition, and hydrate facial hair and skin, and ensure that your beard remains a thing of beauty throughout the day.

If you are in the first few weeks of growing your beard, using a beard oil as both a moisturizer and skin conditioner will help it remain lustrous, full, and healthy.

Beard Oil for Black Men 

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One of the most effective ways to solve any problems first-time beard growers may be facing is just to let the beard grow. You’ll be able to observe whether it grows in patches or full coverage from the start. From the beginning, you should maintain your growth; don’t use any ordinary soaps or shampoos.

Number one on your beard care checklist should be a proper shampoo and soap. Be sure to remember to pack them before you travel as well so that you don’t end up having to use the sample sizes provided by your hotel since they’re sometimes full of harsh chemicals.

High-quality beard soaps and shampoos made with gentle ingredients such as glycerin, which is what helps your beard follicles retain moisture for longer.

Beard Conditioner for Black Men

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An essential addition to your grooming process is using a beard conditioner for African American hair growth. Using a beard balm or oil to condition your facial hair makes it softer as well. It’s most typically left in after use and not washed out.

African American beards tend to feel coarse because of their slight dryness and overall texture. Using a conditioner to soften the beard hair will improve its texture and health. It also helps with any itching or scratching irritations, especially in the first few weeks of growing a beard.

Beard Balm for Black Men

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This is one of the essential grooming aids for black men with beards. Some products come in a variety of scents, but you can also use an unscented balm. Make sure that the beard balm you choose contains only natural ingredients. If it has any artificial fragrances or softeners in it, they can cause the skin and hair to dry out.

A high-quality beard balm for black men is particularly useful in keeping a beard soft. This is because the butter and waxes it contains act as moisturizers. Beard balm acts as a sealant and holds the moisture in place.

The balm will keep your facial skin and beard hydrated for long periods. A bonus when using beard balm is that it makes the hair appear thicker and more luxurious.

Beard Straightener

If you want to keep your facial hair looking healthy and full, stay away from mainstream hair heated appliances. Using African American beard straightener products and methods helps the maintenance and grooming process by working as a softener.

Beard kit for Black Men

Check that the beard care products that you buy contain quality oils such as, coconut oil, olive oil, argan oil, castor oil, or jojoba. Anything else might cause your pores to clog and your hair follicles to be stripped of moisture.

Goes Great with African American Shaving Products

You need to do some trimming every so often to remove split ends and to shape black men beard styles. Visiting the barber or doing some routine snipping at home should happen after about four weeks of growing your beard. Cutting your beard helps tame it from growing in different directions.

Invest in a good quality beard trimmer as regular scissors can cut off more then you realize. Does trimming reduce the beard length? It merely removes uneven growth that can cause the hair to veer off into different directions. When those tips have gone, your hair will look and feel longer.

Ingrown Hairs

Curling hair will initially try to grow back into the skin, which can cause ingrown hairs, bumps, and itching. Don’t scratch, pick or tweeze them out as this can form scars. When you have scarring, it will inhibit hair growth in that area. A thorough loofah or skin scrub every day is a good idea for the first four to six weeks of growing in a beard. This routine disturbs the stiff bristles and removes dead skin cells.

Using a beard oil to lubricate the beard and prevent skin irritation will stop the follicles from becoming blocked. These products will also stop the hair from curling back onto itself. If you are still having problems, a visit to the dermatologist is advised.


When you want to straighten a curly beard, you must have the beard kits for black men. Buying oils and balms for African American facial hair mean they will tame any coarseness and calm any skin problems correctly. If the beard straightener contains shea butter, it will relax the hair follicle and make the shaft grow without bending.

When you look after your beard with these ingredients, your grooming experience, and the result, will be so much more satisfying.