One of my favorites goes to styles when I want something cute and different is a perm rod set. However, frankly doing the whole hair individually with those perm rods simply takes too much time. I know with my 2 toddler boys there is only a limited amount of time I have before I would not get my hair done. If you have little ones you know exactly what I mean. Even if you don’t, you probably just don’t want to spend so much time with your hair that can take up your entire day.  @itszitaroseIf you don’t know by now what I love most is a style that doesn’t take too much time or can last me for the week. So, if I can cheat a style and still get results then that’s the style for me. A couple of years ago I use to not use perm rods at all because I simply thought it was too complicated. I brought some perm rods about 5 years ago from Amazon that were around 3.00 and I thought I was getting a deal. Low and behold every single perm rod broke each time I put it in my hair, so I simply thought that the perm rod-style just wasn’t for me. It’s crazy because now I know that it wasn’t my hair that was the problem it was the manufacturer.I talked with a hairstylist who had the perm rod look I was surprised and didn’t understand why her perm rods would stay and mine wouldn’t. I thought maybe it’s a special salon per rod version they had. Lol looking back I feel so silly to think it was my hair that couldn’t achieve this style. So, I ended up going to the local Sally’s Beauty Supply Store to get more perm rods from the store. Of course, it didn’t hurt that they had the buy one get one half off sale either. Let me tell you I was too excited that I got them and not one of them broke. So, I have been on this perm rod binge lately and I haven’t stopped.


Each time I do this version of the perm rod set it literally takes me less than an hour to do. If I do the whole head if you’re doing the curly bangs and bun look. Just doing my bangs takes me less than 15 minutes if even that. I want to show you how I achieved this perm rod set so you can begin rocking it too if you are in the mood to switch up your look.NaturalNeiicey did a cheat perm rod set where she put her hair in flat twists all around and perm rod only the ends. Remember section of the hair How you want it to flow when you take it out. If you want a deep side part make sure the flat twist reflect that. I usually use a combination of white and orange perm rods. I focused on using the white perm rods in the front so I can get the curly bang look.It’s important that your hair is detangled so it can easily separate when you do so after the style is dry. Another important thing to note is when you flat twist the front of your hair make sure to make your flat twist going forward. Now, If you want a little more volume in the middle make sure to make a part between the back and middle. So you will have a flat twist in the back middle section of your hair and another section flat twist towards the bottom with perm rods at the end. Doing this the way I just mentioned will give you a nice full look.  @naturallynellaWhen you sleep in the perm rods overnight which I want to be honest with you it can be uncomfortable. What helps me get through it being uncomfortable is me thinking it’s only one for one night but maybe sleeping on your stomach can work for you.When the style is dry, put some oil on your fingers like jojoba or coconut to give your hair that added shine. Be gentle with taking them apart and separating them. Don’t forget to add that massive volume with your afro pick.

Overnight how to:

I use to hate knowing how to do a style but not knowing how to keep it so I’m here to give you the scoop on how to make this style last. At night, I put my hair into three sections. One loose ponytail in the front and two pigtails in the back. This helped keep the form and shape If you have an oversized bonnet that’s great simply put your hair in the bonnet. If you know your bonnets are bound to fall off your hair use a satin pillowcase underneath for that extra protection. After a couple of days, the curls depending where you live the curls can fall out of place. You can always do the flat twist look again or redo the curls on the parts that need it. If you have a moisturizing spray that doesn’t have water in the first five ingredients feel free to use that to give yourself extra moisture each night. I noticed my hair got drier each night so I would either put some jojoba oil or my Type 4 Creme by HoneyChild. If using the oil or type 4 creme you want to spritz it in your hand, rub your hands together then scrunch it in your hair to give your hair the added moisture it needs. Make sure not to do a lot of pulling so you do not add frizz or pull a curl out where it no longer looks like a curl.Practice makes permanent so if you don’t get it the first time know that it’s okay. Keep practicing and you’re bound to have a flawless perm rod set with half the time.Have you tried this look? Let me know below