How To Define Curls: Make Kinky Hair Curly 2022 ❤️

HOW TO DEFINE CURLS IN 2021 How To Define Curls

I used to envy those who have looser natural hair textures until I learned how to care for and manipulate my hair correctly.

The thing to turn your natural hair long and healthy is proper to hydration and then locking those curls in place once they form. This post is mainly for my sisters who have type 4 hair such as 4a 4b and 4c and want their hair to look curlier and more defined


STEP 1: Know your texture and have realistic expectations as to what your hair can look like.

If you have natural 4c hair, you can not expect to turn your hair into a 3b texture. That is an unrealistic expectation. The curliest your hair can look is how it looks when it is fully hydrated and saturated with water.

Usually, our hair can look at 1-2 levels looser when adequately hydrated. The trick is to capture those curls when your hair is in that state and lock them in place.

STEP 2: know your hair porosity level:

To turn kinky hair into curly hair, you have to understand how to hydrate your hair correctly. This

Requires you to know your hair porosity level and what products will work well for you vs. what products will dry your hair out. If you have low porosity, that means it is harder to moisturize your hair; however, when you do moisturize, it stays soft longer.

 porosity hair saturates quickly and absorbs moisture easy; however, it loses that moisture just as easy. Does porosity refer to the number of pores in your hair shaft? We have another article that goes in-depth about porosity.

Alternative methods:

If all else fails, you can use extensions or crochet curly hair.

Wigs that still give you that natural look without appearing as if you are wearing extensions.

My Natural Hair Extensions offers exclusive kinky curly products for every natural sista! Instead, you have curly hair, kinky curly hair, afro kinky which is type 4, to the kinkiest hair, we got you covered. 

Step 3 moisturize:

water is the best ingredient to get the hair out of its kinky state. Water is a super hydrator and will make your curls pop. The thing about water is it drys so quickly, and our curls go back to kinks! When the hair is saturated with water, and it is out of its kinky state, this is the best time to add the curl creams and oils that work best for your air.

Glycerin is a water-based oil that penetrates that hair shaft. It does not evaporate as fast as water and leaves beautiful sheen to the hair. I highly recommend applying this product right after you rinse out your conditioner. Then use your curl creams and other moisturizers of choice.

Step 4, lock the curls in place: Make kinky hair kinky curly:

at this point, your hair should still be relatively wet and slightly wavy. Now its time to lock those curls in place. The trick to get your kinky hair to look curly is to stop the shrinkage and dehydration. Now that your hair is in its curly state, you want to apply a gel of choice. Also an great example of this texture are the kinky curly bundles.

A favorite gel is eco styler. Make sure that the products you put in your hair prior will mix well with the gel and not leave a milky or white residue. Take the gel and apply it to your hair without disturbing the curls that you have created. Now gently blot off excess water with an old t-shirt.

For best results, sit under a hooded dryer so the gel can dry faster and prevent as much shrinkage as possible!

Step 5 stretch your hair:

Now that your hair is dry, it should look gleaming and curly. For a little extra length and volume, I recommend taking a blow dryer and stretching the hair at the roots to break up the stiffness of the gel and allow your air to have a body without disturbing the curls you have just created. 

When you turn your kinky hair to curly hair using this moisture and lock method, your hair will be slightly stiff from the gel; however, it will loosen up around day 2. You can also make a flaxseed gel for an organic product.

step 6 curl manipulation hairstyles:

If you do not want or like to use the gel in your you can always do twist outs, braids outs, or other styles that manipulate your natural hair texture.