Installing Weave Drawstring Ponytails with Human Hair ❤️

Today we will be discussing the fashionable Drawstring Ponytails. A weave ponytail is a hairpiece specially designed for a fuller or longer looking ponytail. The style is straightforward and inexpensive. It will save you when in a rush but still want a sleek and gorgeous style. 

The origin of extensions dates back to the empress Cleopatra from Egypt. The first documented proof of weave and humna hair extensions claims to be in 3400 BC. Women wore wigs, natural hair sew-ins, and braids, all with the use of other human hair, creating enchanting and goddess-like exterior.


Before adding your drawstring ponytail, it is essential to moisturize your natural hair to keep it protected under the hairstyle and keep your hair follicles healthy and robust to enrich growth.

If it is around that time to wash your hair, this can be an excellent time to try out the drawstring ponytail. If not, that is Okay, moisturize the hair in sections with a spray bottle mixed with Water & Conditioner.

After the hair section is wet, comb it Thoroughly to Detangle. Add Leave-In Conditioner or Cream Based Moisturizer. Proceed to apply Gel of some kind to keep your hair sleek in the bun. EcoGel is the most popular and safest for ebony hair. Always remember to check the ingredients in all products used on human hair. It is sensitive and can only be nourished with natural remedies.

Add a carrier or Base Oil after applying the previous products, this will lock in the products and keep hair follicles hydrated and healthy. Any oil you prefer on your hair can be used such as; Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil, Castor Oil, Virgin Olive Oil, Almond Oil, Shea Butter, Avocado Oil or Tea Tree Oil.


AVOID Chemical-Based Hair Care Products

  •                                                Coal Tar
  •                                                  Lead
  •                                        Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
  •                                              Isopropyl
  •                                           Propylene Glycol
  •                                               Alcohol
  •                                              Parabens
  •                                        Paraphenylenediamine


    Brush Hair & Create Bun

    How To Make A Drawstring Ponytail Look Natural

    Brush all of your hair into a secure bun and ensure all hair is laying down, this will create a sleek and well-maintained drawstring ponytail hairstyle. The smaller the bun, the more translucent the high ponytail will appear when attached.

    Lay down some baby hair with your favorite gel to enhance the look of your hair. The way the bun is created depends on the length of the hair.

    Put your hair into two braids and apply a rubber band to the end, so they do not unravel under the drawstring. Wrap the two braids around each other to resemble a bun and add a long hair tie to hold.


    The Best Weave Ponytails Made for Black Women


    When choosing a curly ponytail, If you want to achieve a natural look, find one that fits the color of your hair or any color that you feel blends nicely with the color of your hair. (This applies to dyed hair as well ). The texture and length of the drawstring ponytail can be anything; Short, Long, Curly, Afro Puff, Straight.

    If you want to create a fuller-looking bun using a drawstring ponytail, the length should be longer, and it can make the process easier. Wrap the excess hair around the base of the hair tie until it creates the look you want.


    Drawstring ponytails will most likely come with two small clips or combs on each side of the piece. It will be in the middle of the hairpiece and will be placed over the natural bun. Secure the combs into each side of the bun. (Top/Bottom).


    Proceed to pull the drawstring ponytail outward from your face to hold in the combs and the hairpiece. There should be a clip at the end of the string, pull to the base of the bun. Wrap the remaining strand around the bottom and add bobby pins.



    how to fix a drawstring ponytail

    This style can last a week or more if properly handled. The hairpiece can be easily removed at night to stay protected, but it can remain on your head as well. Wrap your hair and drawstring ponytail in a bonnet at night to Maintain loose hairs on the head and protect style while sleeping. Throughout the week, use gel and your selected moisturizers and oils to touch up the style to keep it looking clean and well taken care of. It will help to make the style look natural. Continuously retouch edges. Care for the hair extension by using a wide-tooth comb to detangle and add your preferred oil to keep it looking fresh and sheen.



    wavy drawstring ponytail

    There are also some alternatives to a weave ponytail if you do not have one. I have seen my family members and a few Youtube videos where they use loose hair extensions. It can not be easily removed at night, so be careful while maintaining the style at night and through the week.


    • When the hair arrives in a sealed bag, it is bound with a rubber band that holds the hair. After tying the band around the base of your curly ponytail, wrap the hair around to form a beautiful bun.


    • You can also wrap half of the hair around the bun to cover your natural ponytail and add another hair tie and bobby pins to hold. It will create a bun with excess hair cascading down. This style looks great with two “pigtails.”

     Another option is to braid the pieces of extensions with your natural hair to create a fuller and longer looking braid.

    Hair Extensions have been loved for thousands of years, and our culture continues to create and remaster amazing hairstyles that can bring out our inner goddess and showcase our personality. Always embrace your heritage through anything you do in life, it is our backbone. The drawstring ponytail is one of many beautiful and elegant styles that can be easily assembled and worn on any occasion. Like anything, it will take patience and practice to achieve the desired look. I hope you enjoy the look you create!