All You Need to Know About Drawstring Ponytails!

Drawstring ponytails are one of the latest trends in the natural hair world. It’s a super easy way to add volume and length to short, medium length hair or curls, coils and kinks.  Drawstring ponytails are a weave hairpiece made from human or synthetic hair. The drawstring ponytail style features small combs and a drawstring that can be attached to natural hair.  Our drawstring ponytails are amazing for any woman who needs to change her look for her mood or the occasion. Check out these tips to create your own stylish drawstring Afro Kinky ponytail.

How to make a drawstring ponytail look natural

Best Kinky Curly Drawstring Ponytail 2020 Use your natural texture- the most important thing to creating that perfect drawstring ponytail is to know the true texture of your hair. Use a ponytail that is already very similar to your natural hair texture. This will save you the effort of manipulating your own hair to blend with the extensions. Having the right texture in your extensions will also help to eliminate lines of demarcation and prevent other people from noticing where your real hair ends and the extension begins.  Secure your bun- To begin with your drawstring ponytail, you need to make sure that your natural hair is in a tight bun before adding your extensions. Your hair needs to be in a small tight bun to create the dazzling drawstring ponytail. If your hair is in a full, voluminous bun, it can emphasis the line of demarcation between the extension and your natural hair. Ideally, you need to create a tiny, seamless silhouette bun. For those lucky ladies with longer or thicker hair, try separating your ponytail into two twists or braids and then wrap them around each other to create a tight bun. Now you are ready to add your ponytail. Wrapping your extensions- the final step to creating a natural looking drawstring ponytail is to wrap a small section of your extension around your drawstring ponytail. Take a section of hair closest to the base of your neck. Make sure the piece is large enough to wrap around the ponytail but not too big to create a distortion in your stylish tail. Wrap the piece of hair around the drawstring ponytail and make sure you get full coverage where the drawstring ponytail is visible. Once this is done, secure the hair with a bobby pin under the ponytail. 

How to put on a drawstring ponytail

my natural hair extensions coils drawstring ponytail Once you have ‘prepped your hair’ by moisturising, detangling your locks and extensions and creating a small tight bun with your natural hair, you can finally add the drawstring ponytail extension. 

  • Place the drawstring ponytail over your bun and using all the clips, secure it in place. 
  • Next you will need to pull the drawstrings on the ponytail. Pull it tight so that the drawstring ponytail completely covers your natural hair. 
  • Wrap a piece of the extension around the ponytail, making sure to fully cover the line between your natural hair and the drawstring ponytail. Secure the wrapped piece of hair with a bobby pin or two.
  • Finally, you can add a ponytail holder around the base of the ponytail to make it look more natural. 

How to make a bun with a drawstring ponytail

perm yaki straight natural drawstring ponytail Drawstrings ponytails look fabulous. Check out this style choice for your drawstring ponytail by creating a bun from your drawstring ponytail.

  • Firstly, follow the steps to create a drawstring ponytail. 
  • Taking your finished drawstring ponytail, separate the hair into three sections. 
  • With the first section of the drawstring ponytail twist the strands together and wrap around the base of the ponytail. Secure with bobby pins.
  • Take the next section of the ponytail and repeat the process, wrapping the hair tightly around the body of the ponytail and secure tightly with bobby pins. 
  • Repeat with the final strand of hair. Twist the strands together and wrap tightly around the bun. Secure with bobby pins. 
  • You may need to add more bobby pins to keep your bun secure.

Weave Ponytails

Kinky Straight Ponytail Drawstring COARSE Now you have tried the drawstring ponytail, you can check out this fabulous enhancement and an already glamourous look – weave ponytails

How to do a quick weave hairstyles – step by step

Take a look at this step-to-step to show you how you can create a weave ponytail. 

  1. Make sure you have everything you need before you start.
  2. Moisturise and detangle your natural hair and weave. 
  3. Decide where you want your ponytail and create a parting- you can have it any position you feel comfortable. Try to ensure the part is as straight as possible. (Helpful tip #1 use a fine tooth comb to create a clean and straight parting (see this drawstring ponytail straight texture)
  4. Use styling gel, to pull your hair into a sleek ponytail- if you have thick or
  5. curly ponytail you will want a good amount of gel to create that sleek look. Your hair should loo sleek but it should not feel too wet. 
  6. Once your hair is gelled and in a tight ponytail, create a small tight bun. 
  7. Fold the weave in half and secure the loose end of the weave with bobby pins at the base of your bun.
  8. Wrap the weave around the bun until it is no longer visible. It needs to be tight so that the weave doesn’t unravel. Use bobby pins to secure it in place.
  9. Wrap a piece of the weave around the base of the ponytail making sure to cover the line between your natural hair and the weave.
  10. Let your hair dry. You can add hairspray once your hair is dry but you don’t have to. 

How to make a weave ponytail look natural

Coily Ponytail Drawstring Best Human Hair Moisturize and gel – moisturizing your hair and extensions will enable you to create a better blend. You can also add styling gel. This will help create that sleek ponytail look.  Bun it up! Your hair needs to be in a small tight bun to add the weave. For those with thicker hair, try separating your ponytail into two twists or braids and then wrap them around each other to create a tight bun.  Wrap your weave- Take a section of hair closest to the base of your neck. Make sure the piece is large enough to wrap around the ponytail. Wrap the piece of hair around the weave and, secure the hair with a bobby pin under the natural hair weave.

How to do a weave ponytail with tracks

High Ponytail Tracks extensions are hair extensions that can be made into clips, taped or sewn into your hair. To create a weave ponytail with tracks, brush out and untangle your extensions.  Separate your hair into three equal partings. Pull the back section into small ponytail. This will be the base of your weave ponytail.  Apply your tracks starting with the largest piece and work down.  Once all of the tracks have neem added, Use the remaining sections of your hair to hide them.  Pull your hair together in a tight ponytail and secure with a hair bobble. You can also use bobby pins for extra security.