The Best Natural Hair Blogs for 2022


Our goal is to shed light on the wonderful blogs that we like and enjoy. Hopefully, we can provide amazing insight into finding the best information on natural hair blogs.


Naturally Curly

Naturally Curly is one of the OG natural hair blogs. They have been around for 20 years – helping women start their natural hair journey and educating them on how to maintain their curls properly. This blog is a great place to start if you’re new to natural hair or need a solid refresher. They have pictures, breakdowns, techniques, and suggestions on how to grow, strengthen, moisturize, deep-condition, and style your hair.  

Natural Hair Mag

Natural Hair Mag is another top natural hair blog. They focus on a holistic view of natural hair care. While they touch on everything, they give a platform for other naturals to talk about their hair journey. NHM is one of the leaders in the natural hair websites and uses their platform to highlight culture, entertainment, and lifestyle as well.  

Black Hair Information

Black Hair Information is a website that teaches women how to grow long healthy natural hair or relaxed hair. This site is all things Black Hair including relaxed, color-treated, and natural hair. Black Hair Information also encourages visitors to register to be a member of their online community and join the hair discussion. They feature articles from various writers which allow you to see how different hair can be.  


Afrobella is one of our go-to natural blogs for feel-good content. It was started by Patrice Grell Yursik, whose passion was to provide a platform that celebrates the beauty of all women. This blog focuses on natural hair care, self-care, and self-love. They have now expanded their writers and feature woman of all backgrounds, skin colors and hair types to contribute to the blog. However, Afrobella contributes regularly and takes us on her journey as the Godmother of Brown Beauty Blogging.

Curl Centric

 If you’re looking to transition from relaxed or permed hair, this is the place to start. Curl Centric was designed to help a woman be more confident about caring for their natural hair and moving away from the white crack cream as Curl Centric calls it. They have tons of techniques on how to grow natural hair and the best products to use on natural hair.  

Curls Understood

Curls Understood is the encyclopedia for natural hair. Our favorite part of about this blog is the breakdown. They have advice, suggestions, styling and product recommendations based on texture, volume, and length. They even have a kids section. If you are familiar with your hair type and want to dig deeper, Curls Understood is the blog for you.  

My Natural Sistas

 We honestly love the sistas over at My Natural Sistas. This blog follows the natural hair journey of three sisters, who each have a different set of textures, color, and lengths. We love how all three contribute to the blog adding their personality and style, as well as sharing their journeys through black womanhood. They are also super creative with styling techniques – giving naturals tons of ideas to take their look to the next level.  

Textured Talk

Textured Talk is the blog for the active and busy naturalista. Charlene started the blog in 2014 and had captivated the hearts of the natural hair community. Textured Talk focuses on empowering women through beauty, business, and self-care. While you can find tons of tips on styling natural hair, you may also learn a few tips to improve your health or focus in on your intentions and goals.  

Hey Fran Hey

Hey Fran Hey was started by Francheska Medina in 2014. Her focus was to have a platform that walks through self-healing, nutrition, fitness and overall wellness – including hair. This blog shares information on natural hair, DIY recipes, skin and tips to help with mental and emotional hygiene. Good living starts with good hair and Hey Fran Hey is all about that.  

Black Girl With Long Hair

Black Girl with Long Hair (BGLH for short) has come a long way. What started as a blog to help women maintain natural hair and improve growth is now a favorite hair care line. While they still have space to educate the natural hair community, their blog is a great place to learn how their natural products can help your hair. The BGLH hair products are also organic and all-natural, staying true to the origin of their roots.  

The Kink and I

The Kink and I follow one woman’s journey through natural hair. If you’re looking to fall in love with a down-to-earth naturalista this is the blog for you. This blog explores all things hair including hair education and a list of products and salons you can reference. While this blog isn’t as active as some of the top contenders, it has excellent, original advice on natural hair care from someone we can all relate to.  


Un-ruly is just as the name says. These bold women are taking the natural hair conversation by storm. They aim to provide a supportive platform that stirs productive dialogue with females and black communities. Their website keeps it simple and makes clear links to find styles by type and products you can use to achieve these looks. Unruly is the perfect place for a good conversation and tips on natural hair care.  

Curly Nikki

Curly Nikki is the ultimate and most active natural hair care community. This website has many contributors, which speaks to its versatility and information on natural hair. Woman with all textures, lengths, and styles weigh in on natural hair, health, beauty, relationships, and culture. They always welcome contributors so if you’re looking to join a natural hair community or have something to say about hair, and this is a place to start.  

Curly Essence

Curly Essence is a blog focused around their products. They have a variety of items available for different hair types and textures, such as Mixed Chicks. They have a lot of great info on their page Curl Talk – everything from fashion, food, culture and of course natural hair. Their Curl Talk features on other naturals are also pretty neat. It’s a great place to read about other women’s stories about embracing their natural curls.  

The Kimberly Elise

Kimberly Elise’s blog is the one-stop-blog for all things natural living. She focuses on clean living and wellness by promoting healthy hair, healthier skin, and self-love. Her blog invites women of all cultures to join her online community. They have great DIY hair care ideas and vegan recipes.  

Ijeoma Kola

She is known as the founder of Klassy Kinks, the first blog venture that established her voice in the natural hair community. We love, love this blog. Her new revamp, which focuses on natural hair, beauty, style, travel and grad school is refreshing and beautiful. Not only is her website stunning, but her focused and more expanded topics make for good reads, for sure.  

Long Nigerian Hair

If you have highly textured hair, Long Nigerian Hair is for you. This blog tackles everything from the best natural hair products to protective style ideal for 4c or highly textured hair. The blog is easy to navigate and helps break down the essence of maintaining lengthy, healthy hair. You can also see first-hand reviews of natural and organic products.  

Lexi with The Curls

Lexi with The Curls is the natural hair blog that gives us life. We love the spunk and boldness this blog brings to the table. It speaks to the older millennial, focusing on life balance, makeup, culture, fashion and without a doubt – natural hair. Lexi is an original who you’ll soon fall in love with. P.S – we can’t get enough of her platinum white curls.  

Black Naps

Black Naps is the be all end all blog for Type 4 hair naturals. This is one of our favorite natural hair spaces because it focuses only on Type 4 hair and down to a science at that. They not only have amazing resources but you can take quizzes to determine your hair type before looking around the site. If you’re looking for in-depth reviews on natural hair websites and products for Type 4 hair, and we mean the real, Black Naps has it.