Best Clip In Extensions for African American Natural Hair

Finding the best clip In extensions for African American Hair is very vital. They can add those extra inches to your natural hair without the stress of a sew-in or braids. They are just as easy to apply as they are to take out and best of all – they match the texture of your hair.

If you’re a resourceful naturalista, we’re sure you’ve worn your fair share of extensions for a few cycles. Those first few wears look great – straight out the package, laid to your head – looking just like your own. But as you start to wear them a few more times you find the hair knotting up at the ends and becoming dry and brittle. Just like your hair, you’ve got to show your natural hair extensions some love too. Below we have outline clip-in hair extensions for black hair that most resembles African hair textures.

Where Can I Buy Clip-In Hair Extensions for Black Hair?

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How To Care

best clip in extensions for african american hair



Just like your natural hair, your extensions require moisture to prevent detangling over time. You’ll want to make sure you keep your curly clip in human hair extensions conditioned regularly. We recommend using an inexpensive conditioner to work through clip-in extensions. Work from top to bottom, making sure each strand is conditioned before starting the detangling process.

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To prevent snapping and to keep the texture and curl pattern of your human hair, clip-in extensions use a large comb to detangle. Start from the bottom and work your way up. Be mindful of keeping the locs intact. Use more conditioner to work through the knots if you find some are too difficult on the first pass.




Now to wash your extensions. You’ll want to wash your extensions after each prolonged use. If you like to wear your natural hair clip-ins regularly, you’ll want to schedule the time to wash them like you do your natural hair. Washing your extensions after detangling will make it so much easier and prevent more knots from occurring during the lathering process. Work the shampoo from top to bottom and rinse in one direction.

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The best go-to styling method is the LOC method which can also be used clip-in extensions for African American Hair you’ll want to start by using a leave-in conditioner and make sure that it is worked through each strand. You’ll then want to seal that conditioner in with an oil. We recommend a light oil like Coconut oil or Moroccan oil. And lastly, use your favorite styling cream to style your extensions. Use the styling cream to smooth out any frizz or fly-away locks. 

If you’re getting ready to toss out those extensions because of they’re knotty? revisit this article, save those extensions for a few more wears with a little maintenance.

If you would like to learn more or have questions feel free to contact us if you require further insight into your texture.