The Truth About Curly Afro Curly Hair

Ever since the start of the natural hair revolution back in 2007 and ditching chemicals, every natural sista’s goal has been to get their hair as big and afro kinky as possible!


  • Afro curly hair is natural hair that has a beautiful dome or sphere shape that grows up and out like a traditional afro, but it has a curly appearance instead of a soft puffy appearance. Some naturals like to shape their curly afro to give it some much-needed style.

Hair Styles & Popular Trends

Afro curly hair has always been synonymous with having to take years to grow out type 4 hair. However, with the recent advancement in wigs, clip-ins, and kinky hair extensions, this look has never been more natural to pull off. Not only can you go from short to glam in under 10 minutes, but it does not matter what hair texture you are born with. You can pull off the Afro curly look with extensions. If you are already natural, I recommend installing the clip-ins.

Get clip-ins that blend best with your actual natural hair because you can easily manipulate the curl pattern with a twist or Bantu knots, which I will explain later. If you have a loose curl pattern like 3a 3b, it will be hard to get the curly afro to look unless your hair is relatively short. For you divas, I recommend traditional sew-ins and closures. Or our short Nubian wig line. The best curl pattern to use will be the kinky curly, coily or the afro kinky collections as these will give the best afro curly look!



How To Get Afro Curly Hair 

A great way to achieve the best looking curly Afro is to follow these easy tips. An important thing to consider when shaping your look is to remember that patience is a virtue. Growing your hair out takes time (lots and lots of time LOL) however I will let you in a few secrets to fake it until you make it! Let’s get started


How To Make My Natural Hair Curly

If your natural hair is long and thick enough, this style is effortless to pull off. You already have 3c or 4a natural textures than a wash and go will likely be enough to achieve that style. However, if you have 4b 4c hair, then it may be hard to achieve that ideal afro curly look. Instead, you will need to do either a twist out or Bantu knots to manipulate your curl pattern.




There is a video tutorial demonstrating how to install afro kinky curly clip-ins on this page.


This characteristic texture has been sought after due to its recent popularity in the African American communities. If you do not have the thickness or the length to pull off the curly afro, then you can always use clip-ins.

Get natural extensions that blend with your actual type 4 hair texture, that’s very important; otherwise, your hair will not blend well. I recommend getting short lengths so the hair will create a dome effect. 10″ or 12″ works best and you will need 1.5-2 sets of clips. Apply the clip-ins throughout your hair. Now its time to style and shape the hair.

To get the curly look you will need to either twist the hair or create Bantu knots to form bouncy curls. Twist dry quicker, and its easier apply the clips at night, twist the hair and untwist that morning. However, Bantu knots create the best afro curly look. The downfall of doing a Bantu knot out is that it takes forever to dry so you may have to sit under a hood dryer.

An essential factor to consider when trying to get a nice looking twist out is to avoid heavy and harsh creams. This ensures you lessen detangling and allows your Afro curly hair to become much more manageable for styling. Best

What Is Afro Curly Hair?

Afro Hair consists of a combination of either 4A, 4B or 4C hair types. This afro-textured hair is most common among people of African descent. Afro hair typically resembles a “Z” shaped pattern with highly define curl patterns that are prone to shrinkage/breakage due to its high density. 4A textures embody loose and tight coils similar to 4B hair. While 4C textures can prompt shrinkage of 80-85%. 

Installing Afro Natural Hair

The easiest and most trending method to get the afro curly look is to use wigs! You can achieve any style, color, shape, and curl pattern that you want with little effort by merely installing a wefted afro kinky curly wig like this!

If you’re looking to add more thickness to your hair, see afro kinky hair. You can do wash and goes as well as style setting like twist outs and Bantu knot.


You have to actively train your hair to make it more manageable during all earth seasons. However, this summer, it’s become evident that a relaxed protective style could potentially be the best route.

Although this may be the case, we all love to show off our kinky curly hair. Who wants to protective style all the time? If you’re going to rock your Afro Curly hair or you are curly for this summer, make sure you are keeping your ends moisturized.

Using a quality pick can go a long way. Let’s face it, picking out your hair can be a drag, especially if it’s dry or you’re not used to it.

However, with the right amount of consistency, you naturally start to become more sustainable to becoming more comfortable to style even on the go.

However, we recommend using a leave-in conditioner that best suits your curl pattern and only picking from the root.

Gently pick from the root and lift. This will create more volume and help your hair stand up to create the afro curly look!

If your hair is thin you will get the best afro curly fro by picking your hair out gently from the roots to the middle of your hair shaft right after a twist out or Bantu knot on natural hair out! 

I hope this was helpful. Until next time sis!