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Having the best natural hair products are essential for any person of color. In this post, it is our goal here at MNHE to provide our readers with the most insightful information when it comes to properly taking care of natural hair. So without further or due here are the top products for 2020 starting with number 50 to help you manage your kinky curly hair.


#50 Detangling Brush

Natural, curly and kinky hair is generally more fragile than straighter hair types. For this reason, it can make brushing your hair more anxiety provoking than enjoyable. Thankfully however, Boao have designed this brush especially for your hair type. The specially placed bristles are round and sit separately to avoid snagging your delicate curls and preserving their health.

#49 Aunt Jackie’s Knot on my Watch Leave in Detangler

If you’re still unsure about brushing your locks, perhaps this will sway you. This leave in detangler is sulfate and paraben free which is good news if you would like to keep your healthy hair shining naturally. Specifically targeted at coily and natural hair, this product promises to soften hair strands providing protection from brush damage.

#48 Aunt Jackie’s Curl Defining Custard

Aunt Jackie’s at it again, bringing you the premium hair care you could be missing. Just reading ‘hair custard’ makes me want to buy a bucket load and slather it all over my scalp. This luxurious sounding hair dessert will define and moisturise your curls without weighing them down.

#47 Cantu Strengthening Grow Treatment

A lot of the time with curly hair, you may not of visited a hairdresser for a year and your hair will still seem like it is the same length it was a year a ago. This could be for a number of reasons including dyeing your hair or using heated tools. If you have committed either or both hair crimes, the damaged cuticles can cause split ends which will eventually snap off. Cantu has created this 3 in 1 miracle treatment that replenishes moisture, protects from further heat damage and strengthens fragile hair strands, to help promote healthy hair growth.

#46 Air Tree Magic Hair Twist Sponges

These clever hair tools style your hair as easily as if you were sat in the barber’s chair. The high-quality material reduces the risk of abrasion to the hair strands, leaving them styled and damage free. The sponges have multiple sides that give you a different style choice every day.

#45 Aunt Jackie’s Quench Leave in Conditioner

If you are wondering what products to use on natural kinky curly hair, here is yet another entry by Aunt Jackie, this lady sure does know how to maintain tight curly hair. For those strands that need some extra care during the day, this leave in conditioner promises to ultra-hydrate those thirsty strands and leave you with long lasting softness.

#44 SoftSheen-Carson Comb Out Conditioner

With over 110 years of hair expertise, this unique conditioning hair spray provides long lasting softness that has been specifically created for dry and damaged hair. It will give your dull strands that extra sheen without leaving any residue and it’s perfect to use with curlywavynaturaltransitional and relaxed hair.

#43 Aunt Jackie’s Don’t Shrink Curling Gel

I promise I’m not doing this on purpose but I’m here to bring you top rated natural hair products for black hair for growth and Aunt Jackie just keeps topping the list. This time, the magic potions master has concocted an elongating gel made using flaxseed which is well known source of natural hair nourishment. While also being paraben free, this gel promises to protect the hair without making your hair appear thinner.

#42 Cantu Daily Oil Moisturiser

A second entry by Cantu, this moisturizing hair treatment has been created using shea butter to hydrate your permedrelaxed and damaged hair. It also helps to prevent frizz and breakage while at the same time battles damage caused by further heat tools and weather. This is one of the most used natural hair products today.

# 41 Africa’s Best Curl Defining Créme

This ultra-rich formula helps to smooth splits end and protect your hair from breakage. This is a great product to use when transitioning to natural hair or have recently relaxed hair. The lightweight pampering créme will leave your hair quenched and your curls defined.

#40 Mizani Miracle Hair Oil

Another luxurious leave in treatment, this nourishing hair oil created by Mizani proudly boasts of its 25 benefits that provide moisture for both skin and hair. I know hair oils sound heavy which could be a problem if you have fine or oily hair, but hair oils have been specifically tailored using a range of oils called ‘dry oils’. The best way I can describe them is a fast absorbing oil with wonderful benefits that leaves no greasy slicks behind. This softening hair treatment promises to deliver just that, a lightweight formula that will absorb deep into your dry and damaged hair without causing it to go flat and is perfect to use for heat damaged or chemically treated hair.

#39 Biolage Hydrosource Shampoo

I have chosen this shampoo in particular as it is often this step that is most overlooked. As someone who has been dyeing their since they were 13, you can really divide the drying shampoos to the smoothing shampoos. Whether your hair is colouredheat damagedrelaxed or returning to its natural wave, it might a good idea to consider your shampoo. A lot of shampoos are said to be especially for dry and damaged hair but often they are filled with artificial ingredients such as parabens and sulfates which strip your hair and of its natural oils which can cause extra damage which is a definite no-no if you’re planning on colouringchemically treating or using heat tools on your hair.

This shampoo has been created to mimic the natural aloe plant and its incredible way of retaining moisture, leaving your hair frizz free and soft to the touch.

#38 Arvazallia Advanced Repair Shampoo and Conditioner Set

This one is for those of you who’s hair is unruly and unmanageable. This 3 piece set has everything you need to create the foundation of your hair cleansing regime. Created with Argon oil (one of the most praised beauty oils), these sulfate free repairing products promise to mend your dry and damaged hair which in turn, helps promote natural growth. Suitable for all hair types, even hair that’s been treated with Keratin.

#37 Dax Indian Hemp Deep Conditioning Moisturiser

As curly hair tends to be quite thick and hard to sift through, sometimes your scalp may need extra nourishment as well as your hair. This moisturising treatment sees that both get some R and R by smoothing angry cuticles caused by chemical treatments and heat damage.

#36 Aunt Jackie’s Seal It Up Hydrating Butter

I feel like at this point we could starting calling her AJ. What seems to be the reigning Queen of curly hair products, here is yet another entry by our new friend, ‘AJ’. This specially formulated hair butter has been created with flaxseed, honey, avocado and other delicious sounding ingredients (note- Do not eat, it is made for wearing, not eating!). Targeted at chronically dry hair, this moisturising hair treatment prevents split ends as well as strengthening damaged ends and also helps to prevent thinning and shedding.

#35 Majestic Pure Coconut Oil Hair Mask

Hands up if you’ve reaped the benefits of using coconut on your hair before. I certainly have. It has so many incredible benefits for your hair that revive your strands by locking in moisture. Sometimes however, natural coconut oil may need a little extra help to get your tresses under control. With an outstanding array of organic natural ingredients, this 5-minute mask could be the haircut preventative your thirsty hair so desperately requires. The best part is that is not tested on animals when creating natural hair products like this.

#34 Hairfinity Botanical Hair Oil

With a wonderful infusion of natural oils, vitamin E and collagen, this chemical free hair oil pampers your beautiful curls and your scalp. It has anti-inflammatory ingredients to soothe any irritated skin and provides you with a 95% reduction in hair breakage. Perfect if you’ve recently had a chemical treatment or are transitioning back to your natural hair waves.

#33 Pure Nature Lux Spa Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner

These chemical free products offer fantastic healing properties for your hair. Infused with Argon oil, these hair calming treatments don’t just offer nourishing moisture but also UV protection to protect against damage from outside of your styling routine.

#32 Cantu Coconut Curling Cream

Another addtion from Cantu, this healing cream offers to strengthen your dry hair without weighing it down and leaving residue. The moisturising formula will leave you with beautiful defined curls. If the 1,600+ positive reviews aren’t enough to sway you, this product also won the 2013 ‘Rated Naturally Curly Best of the Best’ Award.

#31 SoftSheen-Carson Deep Conditioning Delight

A second entry by SoftSheen-Carson, this delightful tub of deep conditioner promises to rejuvenate damaged hair and bring life back into those dehydrated curls. A top contender for moisturising hair masks.

#30 Afro and Rizo Shampoo

There is lack of shampoos on this list and I’m determined to help you change your ‘pooing habits. This sulfate free shampoo offers to treat naturally wavycurly and afro hair. It has a blend of unique ingredients including; Cocoa and Karite butter which gives this shampoo extra anti-drying properties that will leave your hair soft, shiny and more manageable with these natural hair products.

#29 Beaut’e Seoul Leave in Keratin Treatment Spray

A new ingredient to add to our list – Keratin. Simply spray this hair restructuring product into towel dried hair and it’s good to go! Not only does the keratin fill in the damaged building blocks of your hair but it also provides a heat barrier that shortens your blow drying time. This treatment is also free of any harsh chemicals.

#28 GroHealthy Milk Protein and Olive Oil Growth Lotion

A lot of people assume that growth lotions will encourage your scalp to magically to produce Rapunzel length hair over night. I too, have fallen into this category many times. What they actually do help to repair your dry and damaged hair by locking in moisture and preventing split ends and breakage which prolongs the trip for the snip. This treatment however, provides your curls with the hydration it may need from chemical treatments and heat damage but simultaneously moisturises your scalp to rid dryness and flaking – another aspect to healthy hair growing that’s often over looked.

#27 Aunt Jackie’s Coconut Créme Leave in Treatment

Hello AJ my old friend, I’ve come to add you again. Aunt Jackie really seems to know her way around dry and damaged curls. This time, she’s created a special blend of coconut and castor oil to provide your hair with some much needed moisture while also working to strengthen the ends.

#26 Cantu Super Shine Hair Silk

Cantu is quickly catching up to our Queen, AJ, with their number of top rated products. This super shine hair silk will transform your withered ends into a shining crown of glory – but most importantly, without being weighed down and suitable for curlytransitioning and damaged hair.

#25 As I Am Daily Butter Cream

This rich daily moisturiser has been expertly blended with natural butters and organic oils. It will improve your hairs manageability by repairing and strengthening your strands.

#24 Palmer’s Conditioning Olive Oil Spray 2 Pack

For a quick addition to your morning routine that packs a lot of moisture and care, this olive oil spray provides your hair with all the nourishment it might be missing and suitable for your curlswavestransitioning, heat damaged and natural hair.

#23 Cantu Leave in Conditioning Mist

Cantu is back again, this time showcasing their leave in conditioning mist. This luxurious spray provides instant hydration and shine for tired and thirsty strands. Perfect for use on relaxedpermednaturalcoloured and texturized hair.

#22 Palmer’s Hair Food Formula

A second entry from Palmer’s, this hair nourishing hair food is packed with vitamins and protein to help rebuild and repair your hair. It can also be used to treat your scalp!

#21 Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Sheen

Created using a special blend of jojoba oil and shea butter, this instant shine serum not only adds shine and moisture to your hair but also prevents split ends and breakage.

#20 Meraz Pureauty Naturals Biotin Hair Serum

Biotin has been a known hair and nail growth secret for a very long time. It strengthens to the building blocks and keeps your hair growing long and strong. This hair serum prevents shedding and its unique blend of vitamins, natural extracts and biotin helps to keep your hair healthy.

#19 TbestMax Styling Comb Set

These professional combs could be the different between a frizzy hair day and a beautifully tousled hair day. With different teeth designs on every side of the combs, you can create a diverse amount of hairstyles.

#18 Cantu Shea Butter Shampoo and Conditioner

This silky and sulfate free cleansing set provides you with the foundational tools for optimum hair growth. As well as delicately cleaning your strands without drying out for your curls, they also moisturise and prevent breakage so you can avoid that trim for longer.

#17 Biolage Conditioning Balm

There’s always something so soothing about the words ‘conditioning balm’ and this does exactly that, but for your hair. The technical formula revives dull and damaged hair, leaving you with healthier and softer hair by closing the cuticles – A very important step to lock in moisture and prevent split ends.

#16 Andis High Heat Ceramic Press Comb

I know, I know I’ve been preaching about how heat damages your hair and strips your colour away but there are just some days when hiding under a hat on a bad hair day just doesn’t cut it. If you’re going to do it, do it properly.

#15 Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Conditioner

Made with Fair Trade shea butter, this silky conditioner will restore your dry hair leaving you with soft, bouncing curls. Harsh chemical free so you don’t need to worry about stripping your hair’s natural oils away.

#14 Natural Riches Organic Castor Oil

Castor oil has been praised time and time again for its beneficial uses on both restoring hair and promoting healthy growth. This 100% organic castor oil can also be used topically on your skin.

#13 Shea Moisture Intensive Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner

Shea Moisture are making their second appearance in the top rated hair products for curly hair list and for good reason. With over 500 positive reviews, this duo is the perfect team for rejuvenating tired hair and preparing your strands for its growth or transitional journey. With a unique list of ingredients including African rock fig and boabab oil, this pampering two-some will transform your tresses.

#12 Biolage Colorlast Shampoo

Once again and starting at the beginning, with coloured hair it’s so important to pick your shampoo wisely. Shampoos with harsh chemicals can strip that colour right out leaving it dull with dry ends where colour will just keep leaking out. Here is the shampoo for all you coloured haired babes.

#11 Hairfinity Chewable Vitamins

From what I’ve learned through years of studying hair, strong hair isn’t just down to genetics or how you look after it. It has to begin somewhere and that beginning can be determined by your lifestyle and what you eat. Certain vitamins and proteins are thought to contribute to healthy hair and promote growth.

#10 LuxeOrganics Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner Set

Harsh chemical and animal testing free, this super powered duo could be the duet you need to harmonise your hair. This product is gentle and safe to use for coloured and keratin treated hair as well as softening curly and unruly frizz.

#9 Palmer’s Natural Hold Gel

Okay, I’m sure you’ve read enough of me preaching about dry and damaged hair so I’m going to switch up the volume for those who like to have fun with their hair. This gel has been created using natural ingredients including flax seed which will give your hair a natural hold that will define your unique curls and waves.

#8 T’zikal Smooth Styling Wax

Blended with 30 hair empowering active ingredients, this all natural hair wax will tame your withering ends and instantly create softer hair.

#7 DevaCurl Arc Angel Control Styling Gel

Not only does this gel give a natural crunch-free finish, but it also moisturises and banishes frizz  away. This gel will give your hair all day hold and is suitable for curlywavy and tight curly hair. Cruelty and wheat free. Vegan.

#6 Royal Locks Pro Curl Cream Gel


A multitasking styling product, this unique formula gives you the perfect balance between a naturalcurl defining hold and the benefits of a lightweight conditioning cream.

#5 The Mane Choice Biotin Infused Styling Gel

If you find it hard to find a product that creates defined curls and smooths out crispy ends, your search is over! This multiple use avocado infused styling gel, repairs surface damage and also stimulates hair growth.

#4 Bunzee Bands Adjustable Length Hairband

This extremely stretchy hairband is perfect for those days you love to wear a messy bun, get your braids out of your face or just to generally put your hair up. Incredibly durable, this cushioned band won’t lose elasticity or snap.

#3 Creme Of Nature 7 in 1 Spray

I’ve specifically chosen this product for your hair heating fiends. With 7 beneficial uses, the most impressive are its heat defence and moisturising frizz control.

#2 Shea Moisture Extra Moisturising Transition Milk

A silky styling cream that has been created for those with dry hair and starting/continuing their transitional hair journey. With the unique help of sea kelp, argan oil and organic shea butter, this conditioning cream will restore lost elasticity keeping breakage at bay.

#1 HSI Professional Argan Oil Heat Protector

a premium grade hair styling product that won’t leave you out of pocket, this sulfate-free heat defense spray can also be used as a leave in conditioner as well as working hard to prevent further damage and breakage.

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