Subconsciously, there are a group of people we all look to for the latest trends, looks, and style. There are a handful of celebrities that are rocking their natural hair and owning it. A few other bloggers have shared their tops and today is my turn! So, there will be no surprise as to who I will start off with because she recently has released an amazing project for all natural girls. She is none other than:


1. Sanaa Lathan

Sanaa Lathan is the 2018 crowned naturalist, for the proud way she has been effortlessly sporting her hair and empowering women. In 2017, she made a bold move for her role in the movie, NappilyEverAfter. Like we weren’t already in love with Monica Wright, she amplifies our love for her by giving us a character that we can relate to. Or, perhaps she has changed our view on how ‘nappy’ hair is perceived. If you haven’t seen the movie, I encourage you to watch it! See this afro textured wig. I really just want to celebrate her boldness and power to go against the grain changing the conditioned beauty standards. Therefore, if you’re a woman just looking for a push to even just take one step outside of your comfort zone, join Sanaa Lathan’s journey and watch her latest film. In short, from her bald buzz to her two?she has been the biggest inspiration.

2. Issa Rae

Issssssa! Issa Rae is a natural hair?BOSS.?First, she carries titles such as director, producer, actress, and writer. Second, Issa does such a great job switching it up with all of her different natural hairstyles. She could rock anything and make it look good. I always look forward to seeing her elegantly grace the red carpets. I used to think beautiful gowns and red carpet looks belonged with long hair and shoulder length blunt cuts. In contrast, Issa has showcased some of the most beautiful ball gowns looks with every natural hairstyle you could imagine while looking so fashionable and chic. Issa Rae Issa look, a whole mood, a classic naturalist.

3. Solange Knowles

 This trailblazer is our trendsetter. Solange takes natural hair and her crown to another level. *inserts Ciara ‘level up’ lyrics. Every time I see Solange, that is exactly what she makes me want to do. Her unique and captivating style instantly gives you an inspiration to create, take the risk and to step out of your comfort zone as well. She paved her own way despite, having an older sister who will remain nameless. Solange shines so effortlessly. This picture shows only 1 out of the 1,285 natural hairstyles I have seen her own. In short, have the confidence?of Solange Knowles and you can command a room.  

4. Lupita Nyongo

Lupita is definitely a celeb who is known to encourage the beauty of black women and has given many young girls the encouragement needed to see the beauty within themselves. She has been a role model in self-love and often speaks up about the acceptance of natural kinky hair. She is educated, eloquent and unapologetically, Lupita. I will not name her credentials because she needs no real introduction. Certainly, she has mesmerized us all, watching her on screen with her brown sugar, flawless skin and kinky hair. If she isn’t goals, I do not know who is…

5. Yara Shahidi

 The fact she posts pictures of herself with no makeup, wearing protective styles on her Instagram, there’s no wonder she’s on my top 5. Yara Shahidi is our young, eighteen-year-old fearless teen. Yara is Iranian and African American. She is heavily involved in trying to make changes in seeing more women of color on various platforms. She is known by many for her role as ‘Zoey Johnson’ in Black-ish and spin-off Grown-ish. Also, as a young leader, receiving an education at Harvard University and balancing her fast-growing career. In addition, she also makes time to cover important issues making an impact on her generation. Yara does not hold back, she is passionate and outspoken. Further, if you follow the young celeb you’ll probably catch her being super silly which makes her totally relatable. She does it all while keeping her curls fresh and wearing the slightest amount of makeup.

In conclusion, these are some celebs you can go for hair inspo or just inspiration?altogether. Whether you need the courage to go for a big chop and start fresh or look for everyday styles you can rock to work and school. Or, maybe you’re looking for some bold looks or red carpet worthy styles, one of these five ladies have got you covered. Do not be scared to try new things. Do not be scared to explore. Do not be scared to wear your kinky, nappy, curly, hair in confidence. Trying to find confidence naturalistas? Just remember 1 thru 5. 1. Bold, 2.Classic, 3. Risky, 4. Simplistic, 5.Fearless. All things you can be nappilyeverafter…