When I first started my natural hair journey it was learning everything from a fresh pair of eyes. So, of course, I did what any naturalists did look up things on google, youtube, and Pinterest. it was this big thing on finger detangling which is absolutely great and can still work on some occasions. Trust, finger detangling versus putting a brush through my head was all me. I simply didn’t care for brushes they pulled your hair out, was tough to get through my hair. I simply wasn’t trying to put up the effort. It’s still recommended to finger detangle first to go through it as much as you can prior to brushing or combing. I just don’t want you to stop at the finger detangling step. What I came to find out though is the real reason that my hair was pulling out because of one my lack of trims which I talk about in detail here. As you know trims are necessary? No, not the every 6-8 weeks back in the perm days but every 3 months or sometimes up to 6 months whatever works for you.However, the right brush is what was really needed so choose wisely. Luckily, you have us here at Natural hair extensions that can help you out with this. The right brush can make or break your hair so I’m giving you the top three brushes natural use. Luckily for you, I have done all the researching and experimenting hard work for you so you don’t have too. Now, i found that there are different brushes that take care of different needs. Through my new mission in finding the right brushes, I found the top 3 brushes that take care of different needs for your hair.


Quick Benefits of Brushing your Hair

  • Promotes Hair Growth: Allows for the scalp to be exfoliated which helps with hair growth.
  • A decrease in Breakage: Allow you to move the natural hair oils from your scalp to the rest of your hair
  • Cleanses Hair and Scalp: Allows you to remove the dirt away from your scalp to really wash the dirt away

1) Denman Brush

Now, Denman brush is the brush that keeps my wash n goes looking on point. It helps when my hair has slipped and clumps my hair together to give me the curl defined look. I use the classic styling brush for me since I have thick hair. I know a lot of naturals like the infamous Naptural85 would use to pull out every other row of the bristles to make the brush a little more spaced out. This could help those feel like it’s a little more difficult to get through your hair. I love how it clumps TWA’s or short naturals as well as long tresses.

2) Felicia Leatherman Brush

I have been seeing this brush everywhere lately on youtube and Instagram. At first, didn’t realize what the hype was about this brush but lo and behold a brush that gives you the detangling for thick hair without all the breakage. YESSS!!! You can get it in either pink or black and a new teal is coming out. This brush is best used for styles that required for me to get a smooth surface with no detangles that I can easily put my hands in my hair without it snagging. I’m talking about styles such as cornrows or flat twists that require to constantly have your hands in your hair. This helped me so much with making my flat twists smooth and keeping my perm rods or flexi rods on point.

3) 100% Natural Boar Bristle Brush

The bristle brush is one of my long loves since it keeps my updos and sleek styles on point. These brushes you can easily find on Amazon or Target that can help you brush those frizzes down to keep your style lasting for days with the right gel. If you have a favorite brush let me know below.Have you tried any of these brushes? If not, what do you use?