Human Crochet Hair | Best Straight & Curly Crochet Hair 2021

Have you heard of jumbo lemonade braids We’re sure all our Queen Bey fans know what this is? While this style has been a go-to for hair braiders, it started to pick up momentum after Beyonce featured them in her hit music video Lemonade. This style wrap around one side of the head, with long braids coming down on the other side. This style is typically a longer braid style with the style ending past the chest or waist. We’ve shared some of our tips and favorite variations below to get you inspired to try lemonade braids of your own.

When shopping for your braiding hair, you’ll want to go with straighter hair. We recommend a braiding with our Coarse Yaki Bulk Collection. f you plan to add color to your style, its best to dye your braiding hair before use. Not sure if braids are for you then check out our Coarse Yaki Clip ins.


A great way to add some originality to your lemonade braids is to play with patterns and the size of your braids. Take a look out how these ladies rocked their lemonade braids. These are some of our favorite braidings styles to try this year.

Color and accessories

Put a twist on your lemonade braids by adding color to your braids or dying your extensions. We found a great article on how to color extensions. We’ll be writing a guide of our own next month with tips on how to keep the color strong after a few uses. You can also add string, clips or twine to your braids. Get creative with the design.

And lastly, you can’t forget, the key to really slaying this look is keeping those edges right. Finish your look off with a little edge control or strong hold gel. This look is great and with spring right around the corner why not!