How To Do A Twist Out On Natural Hair And Become A Guru

Ever since I had my babies, I feel like I have had this back and forth battle with my hair. One thing I don’t get right is my twist outs. After trying different methods I now can share the lessons I have learned to help achieve the best twist out. As you may know, the longer you keep your hair in a twist the better your twist outs will be. So, if you want to use one of the clip-ins from our best sellers to give your hair a break with clip-In extensions. Using clip-ins can help you keep your twists in longer until you’re ready for your fabulous twist out while also adding tons of volume. But first take into account these lessons below: twist hairstyles for natural hair

When hair is in twists check a few of them on any occasion:

Within a couple of days, and if I’m really lucky, I can go as long as a week without checking my hair. However, have you ever noticed your hair tends to lock itself together if you don’t watch after it what I tend to do is check a few twists at a time every couple of days to make sure the hair is not matting or knotting up. If it is, make sure you gently detangle your hair, then twist it back up.

Band loosely if you want volume

I notice that with my twist it’s hard for me to choose between length and volume. Have you ever had this issue when I try to use the banding method by banding my twist together to get the length, it gets a little too straight. However, I found that it gives me the length but not the volume I want. So, now when doing my twist I band my hair loosely to allow the shrinkage and my hair to do it’s a thing. If you don’t care so much about volume my post about heatless ways to stretch your hair will get you in the right direction. (Another Great Product)

Moisturize your hair

Dry hair can easily lead to matting and knots. If you’re doing the LOC or LCO method, your hair might not need to be moisturized in week 1. As your hair begins to start drying out from being out you can mix water with your favorite leave in product to get that moisture. I know one of my favorite moisturizers sprays to use currently is aloe vera juice and water because it helps with your scalp and hair.

Detangle Hair

I always try to find the easiest method to detangle my hair. As a mom of two, I usually have little time before the kids call me for something. However, I quickly realized that not detangling properly lead to more and bigger knots. Your hair should be free of knots and tangles prior to starting the twisting process. In order to fluff your hair to get the volume, you desire your hair has to be detangled in order to separate each section. It will also help with preventing breakage and even product distribution.

Refrain from using too much product

I thought putting more product in my hair would help achieve a moisturized twist out. Unfortunately, my hair holds so much water it takes about 2 days for it to try with excess product. If you ever tried to unravel a twist that’s still wet then you understand the struggle. It will lead to frizzy and undefined hair.

Let twists dry completely

Let’s be honest, how many times have you tried to unravel twists when they were still wet You thought your hair was dry, but then you notice a certain area that is slightly damp. You think it will be fine but your hair ends up being a disaster. Patience is surely a virtue when it comes to your twists. Twist has to dry completely before you unravel them. Once your twists dry, you have a fabulous definition that will help your hairstyle last longer. These lessons will surely help you with your twist and twist out. What lessons have you learned to deal with twits outs?

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