It seems like through each season or life transition I want to do something drastic to my hair. I get frustrated with the same consistent hairstyles.? Is it just me or do you also get bored with the same styles and looks through the year.? I have these thoughts and feelings about my hair every other season. A time in my life where I want a new look but just don?t know what to do.


Ways to color natural hair without the commitment or harsh chemicals!

Usually, they’re only two choices that will create a drastic difference with your hair outside of extensions and they consist of either a cut or color.? I do not prefer a? cut because it seems too permanent (although I know hair will grow back eventually) and what if I don’t like the cut or it comes out too short! UGH Id hate to not be able to pull my hair back with kids and work. The other option is color, however, the responsibility of color can be frustrating, costly and time-consuming.? Going to the hair salon 4-6 times a week, having certain types of conditioners, and you have to learn all over again what your hair likes with the new color in. I don’t need a long list added responsibilities?for my hair on top of my other daily tasks.I do love the gorgeous color options available and would love to color my hair, however, I do not want the commitment or the responsibility of it. ?The best thing about temporary color it?s just that it?s TEMPORARY!?You can be red one day and purple the next. If you really love the temporary color then you can always try the permanent. A trial run is always best before deciding to make a full comment to a color.A great way to also add flavor to your hair is to color clip-ins and add them to your hair. My Natual Hair Extensions offers clip ins for every texture available rather you have permed hair or natural textures!

Here are 3 ways you can use temporary color without having to sign the dotted line.

1) Liquid

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gB2bHLJJJmwThis is a tutorial by 4adaniels. She is using a drugstore product (Loreal liquid chalk) on her natural hair to give it a brand new look. It comes with a series of steps but all you have to do is apply with a cotton pad, comb through then blow dry the area immediately. She did it a little different than the written instructions by using her fingertips while her hand is in the gloves, then comb through, blots the excess with a sponge and blow dry immediately. She shows you from beginning to end how to add this color to give you a cute look without the stress. How cute does this look with a twist out or even on your clips ins. A simple new look in less than 30 minutes.

2) Spray On

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gzkF5FaXWdgIf you want to try something bold for a day or two then try to spray on color. Ms. Naturally Mary did this with a mix of purple and red. Now instead of chalk, she uses a spray High beamed intense color to give an instant new look that takes less than 10 minutes. You can use bold colors for the weekend then instantly go back to your natural hair for work. Sometimes it’s nice to have fun and be fierce with your hair. The spray color allows you to try a new look without any commitment. If you don’t like it just wash it out!? This spray on even has natural colors like black to give your hair a richer look.FYI: If you touch the spray while in your hair it will come off in your hands

3) Gel/ Spray



This one is a spray that works for TWA’s and can work on your clips for a new look. Thatiskei actually uses different methods within these videos which are spray and gel. The spray is from Jerome Russell and gel is from Manic Panic dye hard gel. When she uses the spray, she gives you tips on how not to get the spray on your forehead. Now, that tip is extremely helpful when you have short hair. It will give you a new look within minutes.Would you try any of these looks on your hair or clips ins?