The Best Braid Extensions And Styles

Yes, summer is finally here, and it is the best time to tuck that hair away for some good old protective styling. Braid extensions styles are a new trend right now! But not just any regular box braids, these new braid trends are making statements! They say fierce, stylish, and trendy all at the same time. The summertime is the best time to tuck your hair away and keep those ends protected from the hot and dry weather while allowing your scalp to breath. I’m going to go into some details about some of the hottest and trendiest braid extension styles!



5 Braid Extension Styles For 2020

When it comes to braiding extension styles, these celebs have made a comeback, and the beautiful Eva Marcille is making them look so fab with the added beads and colors. She took an unconventional approach to the traditional box braids and made them extra long. She spiced it up with some African or tribal beads and a mix of color to give it that ultimate spring/summer flirty look. It’s fun funky, and we love it.

If you have thin hair or a thinning hairline we caution you to avoid this style as the added weight of these long braids may cause too much stress on your hair creating unnecessary and irreversible damage to your hair. However, if you have thick, healthy hair with a full hairline, this will be a fun style to try! If you live in warmer climates like this may not be the best choice for a summer style as the hair may be heavy and hot against your neck. Otherwise, this makes for a fun and excellent braided protective style.  

Waist Length

waist length braids protective styles summer Photo Credit/ model Eva Marcille


Braided Bob

summer braided bob protective style Braided bobs are in style and the season for sure. Every day I see more ladies rocking a bob with braids, and we love it! You can get a braided bod using kanekolon hair and adding the extensions traditionally, or if your natural hair is too long to do a braided bob, then there is the crochet method. The crochet method allows you to braid your natural hair down, creating a base, and the braids are crocheted on top of that in the desired length designed the bob look. A lot of ladies are doing the bod with faux locs and kinky twists also! Both are adorable styles. This is perfect for the summer and hot months. It’s lightweight, so it makes for a great protective style. Bobs are always a cute staple hairstyle. This is a style everyone can pull off. If your hair is too long, then you can braid your hair down and try the crochet braided bob as shown, and it will still be Fab Photo Credit: IG @simsimstyles  


rainbow colorful box braids protective style summer for natural hair   Okay, these may not be for everyone, but we sure do love them! These are just a twist on the traditional box braids. Instead of using the standard black or brown hair, you can have fun with some out of the ordinary colors like pink, purple, blue, yellow, etc. I mean, why NOT. If it’s the summertime and you are out of school or your job allows you to experiment with color then go for it! Let your individuality and color show through your hair. That is one of the main things I love about our culture. We get to express our identity through our hair like no other culture. It is a way of life for us. Our hair is how we bond from one sister to another; instead, we are in the salon or just making daily conversation! Our hair is only one more way to show how much our melanin is POPPING! photo credit IG @africancreature    

Beyonce Lemonade

beyonce Okay, this style does not need any introduction! This style was made famous by the fierce and talented Beyonce’ from Her Lemonade Album, hence the name “Beyonce – Lemonade braids! Cornrowing braids achieve this style to the back and to the side, giving the illusion that the braids are pulled to one side over the shoulder. Its one of our favorites and anyone can rock this look. Due to the nature of the style, I would consider choosing a different braided hairstyle if your edges and hairline is not strong enough to handle the lemonade braids. “photo credit/model Beyonce’ Carter”  


Fulani   The Fulani Tribes of West Africa inspire these braids. This braided style is killing the game this summer. There are so many different and creative ways to rock this style. I remember years ago I first saw this style on Alicia Keys back in 2002, and it is again! I would caution those who have thin temples or a thin hairline against this style as the tension may cause and further weekend your edges. But if you have a strong and healthy head of hair, then this is perfect and sooo in style! “photo credit: IG @jessleewong  


best knotless braid method. my natural hair extensionsThe most popular and trending style at this moment is the knotless box braid. This is a new method of installing braids that will not but a lot of tension on the root of the hair. Braid extensions styles can be installed in a seamless manner that makes it look as if the hair is growing from your scalp. It is an evolution in the braiding world. The braids are applied as if doing the feed-in method without actually cornrowing the braid to the scalp. Here is more insight on human crochet hair.