If you’re looking for the hottest African American hairstyles or even think about a new hair change then you are at the right place. Below are the trends you are going to be seeing in 2022. Enjoy your new look and slay in 2020.


1) Short Box Braids

2019 has been all about short and chic. Even though box braids as been around for the longest. The cute view of short look can instantly change your look up which sometimes is needed. Adding cute jewelry can give it an instant makeover as well. Be sure to checkout these lovely afro kinky hair braids.

2) Tribal Braid

These tribal braids have been big in 2019 but 2020 were seeing more of these looks. Doing the braids halfway gives a new fabulous look.

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3) Long Ponytails with a Twist

Even though you might have done this long ponytail look adding clips ins or even braids. What puts the twist on it is adding golden string and jewelry to make it pop. I know if your using clip is a lot of women wrap the clips around their hair then add the golden string to give a new look to the ponytail. When you have it in braids you can put even beads on the ends to give it some flair like the hair dresser did to this young ladies hair.

4) Bold TWAS and Color

Big Chops are still going and I’m loving it. Why not mix it up? Bold cuts, parts, and color to make it even better. Purples, blonds, browns it can be unique to you but in case you want some inspiration how about some of these looks. If you want the more emphasis to be on the cut a lot of women are going to barbers who can really give you the precise look you’re looking for if you want to try a new part pattern. All these looks below were done by the barber from Instagram @d2themasterbarber

5) Blunt Cut Bob

Blunt cuts whether angular or straight are going to be huge for 2019. If your looking for hairdressers make sure to look at their Instagram see if they have done the look you’re looking for. Also, sometimes going to a specialist who caters to curly hair helps with that but the key is to think about how you usually wear your hair. If you usually wear it out then go to a curly specialist if you usually wear it in a twist it’s possible getting a blunt cut from your hairdresser can do that to give you the nice straight cut you’re looking for.

If you want to test out the look first that would be good to use clips ins to see how you like the look. You might have to cut or your hairdresser cut the look on your clips ins but will help you to test it out without it being permanent.

6) Longer Tapered Cuts with Color

When in the middle stage when your hair is growing out if you are loving the look of short hair. Then why not try doing a tapered cut where it’s not cut down on the sides so you still have curls going. What’s the best part is adding that little bit or all over color to transform your look instantly.

7) Passion Twist

This trend is becoming really big in 2019 with the mix of a goddess and Senegalese twist. It is trying to get the look of unraveled twist but has been looking so amazing on so many women. It’s a cheaper and quicker way to achieve a look similar to goddess loss. Boho babe created this style to try something new which came out fabulous.