5 CUTE HAIRSTYLES? – My Natural Hair Extensions


Hey there. Do you have natural hair? Do you occasionally struggle to come up with simple natural hairstyles that you can rock on a daily basis? If this is you, then worry no more because this blog definitely has the hookup. I will be showing you 5 simple hairstyles that can be achieved on any natural hair.


1. High Puff

  High Puffs are one of the most loved hairstyles within the natural hair community. People love them because of how simple and versatile they are. They can also drastically transform you by just simply pulling your hair upwards. To achieve this look, you will need an old piece of string.

2. High Puff Hawk

 I refer to the High Puff Hawk as a graduated version of the former. Instead of having the normal High Puff with all your hair pulled upwards, you will section out a small portion of your front hair to create the Mohawk aesthetic. To achieve this High Puff Hawk look, you will need an old piece of string.

3. Side Part Illusion

 Do you ever get those days when you contemplate cutting your hair into a tapered cut? Well, contemplate no more because that’s where the side part illusion will come in handy. This simple look can transform your normal Afro into a tapered cut vibe within seconds. All you need for this look are Bobby Pins.

4. Space Buns

 Sometimes us naturals just feel like taking advantage of our length by tying our hair into buns. If you’re looking for a simple yet cute look then Space Buns are what you should be serving! Space Buns go extremely well with any natural hair length. To get this look, you will need 2 ribbons. However, I prefer to use a similar string that I also use for my High Puff and High Puff Hawk because it makes it simpler for me to tie my hair according to the volume that I’m hoping to achieve.

5. Fro Hawk

 Are you daring and spontaneous? If your answer is yes then the Frohawk will be a perfect match for you. Fro Hawks are suitable for every natural but most especially those who are not afraid to take risks because they can be quite a head turner. If you’re confident enough to brave this look, then rock on! What will you need to achieve this look? Bobby pins, that’s it! Check out my YouTube tutorial on how I achieved these 5 simple natural hairstyles. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJTx2CANWUY&t=203s Which look is your favorite? Let me know on the comment section below. Follow me on Instagram and YouTube for more natural hair inspirations. Until then, stay natural. learn more about