Lately, women focus so much on their edges but neglect the nape area. What about the back of the hair What my mom used to call “the kitchen.” You can have breakage in the nape area from previous chemical damage, tight styles, or stress. Sometimes the hair stops growing there. 


7 Tips To gROW eDGES and Nape Area

I want to make sure you remember that your nape area doesn’t grow overnight, so give it time. Taking care of your body and taking multivitamins help with the growth process as well. If you want to read more about the right foods and vitamins that will help you with your hair, you can find that in my previous post. Just so we can get a break down on what the nape area is, It is the hair that is closed to the back of the neck. There are many ways that you can get breakage in that area, but it can also come from heat damage, harsh tools when styling, and not getting the hair care love it needs for it flourishes.

Minimize brushing the nape area, use finger detangle method

First, minimize brushing that area, like your edges its’ still a delicate area. The nape area can get matted quickly if it’s not protected. Remember this area is what rubs on your clothes, handles tight ponytails or buns, this area tends to get the most tension without even realizing it.

Protective Styles

When I say protective styles, I’m talking about the ones that prevent your hair from rubbing against your clothes. If you can do protective styles that aren’t pulling on that area that makes it even ten times better.

Prevent tension in that area

I talked a little bit about this in point number 2 but also having two strand twist or loose flat twist styles that don’t put a lot of tension in that area can help it grow even longer. When your hair is usually in a tight form that has pressure on your nape area, pulling on it all day that can easily lead to breakage. This is why you will see at times that part of your hair is a lot shorter than the rest of your hair.

Protected at Night

The important thing is to keep this area covered by a silk scarf. You can find a silk or satin scarf at any local beauty supply store, Walmart or Amazon. Sleeping on cotton pillows can suck up all the moisture in your hair, which is why it’s so important to wear a silk scarf. I do not recommend bonnets as the elastic rubs against your hairline. Also, with a silk scarf when tying the veil in the nape area in the same spot day after day can cause breakage. This is the main reason why I mention switching up to a silk bonnet, which helps the nape area breathe a bit.

Braid the back of the hair when wearing weave styles.

I am big on crotchet styles this year, and I am starting to take interest with wearing wigs. I found that braiding my hair straight back also causes tension in the nape area. Have you ever felt your hair pulling in that area when it was braided I would advise doing a braid straight across in the nape area. Caution do not braid too tight as this will cause breakage. 

This method has helped my hair become thicker and longer. Once you braid it that way, make sure to leave the hair alone and let it be so it can do it the thing which goes into my last point.

Massage your scalp

Massaging your scalp is going to lead the blood flow circulating, which is going to feel good and also help with growth. Pressing it with your favorite oils such as castor oil, Jamaican black castor oil, wild growth oil any oil you use for growth will give it the extra boost. I have read that most people massage their hair with castor oil 2-3 times a week because the oil is so thick. However, try it out and see what works for you, so you don’t get an overload of product build up.

Heat Protectant

The nape area is the most comfortable place to get heat damage so please make sure to use a heat protectant in that area. I would advise having the heat at the lowest temperature possible to avoid heat damage. A heat protectant dramatically decreases your chance of getting heat damage and weakening the hair strands to prevent future breakage. I want to hear your thoughts, ideas, as well as any tips that you have that will help protect and grow your nape area! Until next time!