Who doesn’t love a quick simple look to switch things up or half up half down natural hair? Especially when you can add extra volume or length to your hair. Clip-Ins are a great way to pump up any natural hairstyle! It is great to have a? little extra inspiration on how to wear the hair when making an investment.


1) half up half down natural hair

This look can be achieved with any of our textures such as the afro clip in or the coily clip-in extensions.To get this look part the hair in half. Gel the front and sleek it up into a small bun. I prefer to have it in a twist or braid if your hair is long enough to keep the hair from tangling then wrap it into a bun. Next, you are going to cornrow the back straight down into 6 braids. Attach the clip-ins on the back. Next, wrap 2-3 clips around the ponytail and fluff to get this voluminous look.

2) Low Ponytail


You can not go wrong with this look. This look especially works for those transitioning to grow their hair out from shaved sides or a tapered cut. You can part your hair in the middle and gel it down towards the back. Twist or braid it into a bun. Wrap the clips in around the hair. Use as many as you would like for the desired volume you prefer. If the clips are showing at the base of the ponytail then take a small section of the hair and wrap it around the base of the ponytail to cover the clips and tracks. Use a bobby pin to secure the wrapped hair.

3) Faux Bang with Bun

Place your hair in a high top knot bun. Clip some hair so that it lays to the front giving the illusion of a bang. Take one clip in a piece and attach it to the back of the bun then attach another one in the front. Wrap the hair around to make a bun and continue adding clips until the bun is the size you like. Use a hairband around the bun to hold it in place or some bobby pins .

4) Faux Bangs

Since 4 &5 are in the look below I’m going to do the description for a faux bang up top and the two small bun ones at the bottom. The top two in this picture is the look for faux bang. I love how this is an instant changeup. Literally, this hairstyle is less than five minutes. This can be done from an old twist out or braid out. Take a section of your hair near the halfway mark but a little close to the front so you can use your own hair to cover it up. Place in the clip in use your hair to cover the section up. If you feel like the hair is too long for the bang you can cut the clip in hair to your liking or you can push the front of your hair back add some Bobby pins and let your hair fall over to make them shorter without cutting.

5) Two Buns with Backout

If you’re looking for more volume in the back you can always add clips. You would do this cornrowing the back into the 6 liked discussed previously and attach the clip ins. In the front section, you want to make a square part leaving out the sides of the hair like shown in the picture. Gel and sleek each section into their own pigtail bun. Once you have your pigtail buns, you want to wrap your hair around each one with one clip in. Wrap it around your hair bun until you make the desired bun you want using the clips ins then Bobby pin or put a hairband around each one.

6) Clip In Twist Out

Now this one was so creative by heycurly, however, she did a lot of prep work for this.

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She twisted the sections prior to attaching the clips. This gave her twist outs a more uniform look when she took them out. She used a curl defining creme in the video but whatever curl cream you usually use on your natural hair will work as well. Wait for the clips and your natural hair to dry. Put the twisted clip in hair attached to your hair while still twisted. This method works best when you apply the clips first and twist your hair together with the clip ins for a uniform look.

There you have it 6 inspiration ideas for your next set of yaki clip-in extensions. Have you ever tried half up half down natural hair?