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Relaxed / Straight Perm Yaki Hair Extensions

Our perm yaki hair extensions are one of our most popular textures for our relaxed divas. This hair looks precisely like permed or relaxed hair. It is not silky straight and has just the right amount of texture giving it a realistic look and blend. This hair will look as if it is growing from your own scalp. The thing we love most about this texture is if you are permed all you have to do is wrap your hair or blow dry it straight, and it will blend well. You do not have to add low or high heat while straightening. The is very beneficial to the overall health of your hair. Take a close look at the product picture and see what we mean! It’s simply beautiful!

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Quality Yaki Weave for Women of Color

For those who are natural and are looking for a sleek straight look, For the best weave for blending natural hair products. It will be much easier to blend your flat-ironed hair with our products than with our perm yaki hair extensions. Most women who have permed hair will fall into this category of extensions. Even when hair is relaxed or permed it hardly ever gets bone straight, there will still be remaining kinks or curls that decided to “fight” the perm. In this post we cover what Is Yaki hair for ladies seeking more insight.


This is why flat ironing on high heat is necessary to achieve that straight bone look. We have created the yaki hair extensions texture to prevent the need to flatiron on such high temperature resulting in an overall healthier hair strand. Many women wear extensions to help their hair grow or to promote hair health but what’s the use if you’re damaging it by trying to blend with other exotic textures. This texture was designed to blend with permed African American hair.


Natural Black


10", 12", 14", 16", 18", 20", 22", 24", 26", 28"


100% Human Hair

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