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Coily Closure


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Coily Closure

The Coily Closure is pictured above before and after washing. Additional processing time may or may not be required for our closures. Our closures sell very fast and it is hard to keep them stocked. Thank You!

  • Made using a durable Swiss lace.
  • Medium to low density (allows for natural parting)
  • Medium to low luster
  • The knots are NOT bleached
  • 4″ x 4″
  • light brown/tanish lace
  • Remy (cuticles aligned in the same direction)
  • This hair can be cut, colored, dyed, flat-ironed, washed, conditioned, bleached and much more! DISCLAIMER bleaching or lifting color can change/damage its quality. see a professional.

Once your edges or hair has broken off it is hard to get it back. Many women spend years and countless dollars trying to restore unhealthy hair or their thinning hair line. My Natural Hair Extensions offers durable Swiss lace closures that are designed to look, feel, and appear natural. We have lace closures to match each and every texture we offer. There is no need to shop around for that perfect matching texture, We have it right here! If you are an extensionista we highly recommend trying our lace closures to give your leave-out a break. Your hair will thank you later. This is a new technique that allows you to safely braid away all of your natural hair while giving the illusion of a part!

Lace Closures allow for style versatility while protecting the overall health of your hair. Freestyle parting can be achieved with our closures due to the low density. This creates a natural looking part, when applied properly and in the correct location MNHE’s lace closures will give the illusion that the hair is growing right from your very own scalp. Don’t hesitate, protect your hair from extreme heat and style manipulation with our durable lace closures!


Natural Black


8", 12", 16", 20"


100% Human Hair

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