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Coily Clip ins


Coily collection (previously kinky curly 4a 4b) is a new and improved texture. It is an ideal match for 4a hair textures.


The Best Coily Clip Ins Made From Human Hair

Those who have 4b and 4c textures please take a look at our Afro Kinky Collection Our custom clip-ins will give you complete styling versatility. The base each clip will be coated in black silicon to avoid snags and to create a comfortable fit. Each piece is also double drawn to achieve maximum fullness. With our Natural Coily Clip-in Collection, it will only take 5 minutes to have a fierce and fabulous tress!

  • The color will be Natural Black
  • The Coily Collection has a tighter curl pattern than the Kinky curly but looser than the Afro Kinky Collection.
  • Medium to low luster.
  • Clips in will weigh about 100-120 grams depending on length.
  • Lengths are measured while the hair is straight
  • Machine Wefted
  • Remy (cuticles aligned in the same direction)
  • This hair can be cut, colored, dyed, flat-ironed, washed, conditioned, bleached and much more!
  • DISCLAIMER bleaching or lifting color can change its quality. We do not recommend flat ironing this hair. High heat can loosen the beautiful curl pattern we have created.

Sis, this Coily Collection is everything and more. This is one of our personal favorite textures because it is so versatile. You can define the curly with a curl cream and Denman brush (or any curl defining vent brush) to make the hair look looser or you can do a wash and go the pick the hair apart for a tighter 4b 4c look.

Although this hair blends best with 4a textured divas anyone who is 3c to 4b can wear this texture with the proper blending techniques! Another great thing about our Coily Clips is how easy they are to add and remove for daily styling. Unlike a traditional sew in clips allow you the ability to manage and take care of your hair properly. Sis why not save your money and instead of going to the salon try our clip-ins!


Styling your hair is now easier than ever before. Clip-ins allow you to have the ultimate styling versatility! A few different styles that you can achieve with our Coily clips are half up, high puff, all down with a middle part, right part, or left part, two side puffs (like Mickey Mouse ears) and many many more. The possibilities are endless. Find the best weave for blending natural hair for black women.


Natural Black


8", 10", 12", 14", 16", 18", 20", 22", 24", 26", 28", 30"


100% Human Hair

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