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Our Mission & Why We Launched!

Hi, I’m Nikki the creator, and co-founder of MNHE! My Natural Hair Extensions started with my natural hair journey many many years ago. I decided to go natural and received my last perm in May 2009. I did the BIG CHOP Jan 3, 2010! At that time I was a busy College student studying Chemistry at Florida State University in Tallahassee FL.

At this time natural hair was very new and uncharted territories. With my busy schedule and lack if knowledge it was very hard to take care of my hair. I turned to Brazilian hair and other extensions that made it impossible to fully blend my hair. Most of the time I looked a hot mess trying to blend so I stuck with braids, however my hairline and edges started to thin! I was at a lost however I KNEW i wanted to stay natural! I knew I was not the only lady going through this. I was determined to find a solution. 

For 2 years I did vigorous research on natural hair, what it liked, what it needed. Then August 2011 my fiance’ and business partner traveled overseas where we spent almost the entire summer leaning how extensions are made and creating our own unique extension line!  I had no background in business nor did i know how to run a company. All I knew was that I was passionate about natural hair and wanted to make a difference and inspire other brown sisters like myself to love and embrace their hair! With God’s guidance and wonderful customers I have been able to not only pursue my passion but make a difference in our culture.

My Natural Hair Extensions MNHE LLC was launched September 2012 in Tampa Florida. Now you do not need to try to blend your hair with other exotic textures to have long, flowing, beautiful locks of hair. With our extensions we have made it possible to achieve any length or thickness you may desire while maintaining a NATURAL appearance. Stay true to who you are while enhancing the natural appearance of your hair with added thickness and length. No one will ask you “how many inches is that”, or ” girl where did you get your hair from,” simply because they will think its growing from your very own scalp! 

Embrace your texture and buy extensions that compliment it instead of hide or change it. Remember your hair is exotic too! provides its clients with 100% high quality human hair. We do not use any synthetic fillers or synthetic fibers. Our hair is also virgin in color only (meaning the hair has not been dyed).

Our extensions are popular and in high demand due to their natural appearance, low luster, and manageability. Customer Satisfaction is our #1 goal. We strives for excellence and it makes us proud when you feel glamorous and look more beautiful than you already are. We take our customer service SERIOUSLY and treat each individual client with respect by providing quality hair in a timely manner at an affordable price!

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