The Differences Between LCO and LOC Method

First, let’s start with both the lco and loc method are ways to retain moisture in your natural hair. By the end of this blog, you will hopefully be able to identify which one you prefer! So, with that being said let’s get it! Starting our topic of discussion …


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LOC Method Products: liquid oil cream

In order to moisturize the hair, you would use a liquid first, then an oil and follow-up with a cream. For example, a liquid usually would be considered as water or a leave-in conditioner or a moisturizer with clear water is the 1st ingredient. Water is the ultimate moisturizer but can evaporate on your hair, so it needs to be sealed in. An oil like olive oil, jojoba oil, etc. Then, you would follow-up with a cream or a thick butter or something similar to a pudding…..

loc method


LCO Method – liquid cream oil

To moisturize your hair, you would use a liquid first, then cream and follow up with oil.

All you are doing is taking the first step from the LOC method by using a liquid first, and switch the 2nd and 3rd steps by applying a cream first and then locking in the moisture by using an oil to seal it in.


Now that we got what the two are supposed to do for your hair let’s talk about the one that ignites with me the most. I am going to have to go with the LCO METHOD. I have the texture of 3c/4a and doing the LOC hair weighs down, but in MY OPINION, it just makes more sense to apply your products first and then seal it all in with the oil of your choice…and not asking for your leave-in and then adding a sealant oil and then a cream on top…I can’t wrap my head around that…so I’ve always moisturized my hair with the LCO method! (works for my hair)

By all means, you can try them both out and see what works for your hair.

lco method



It doesn’t do the job entirely. Water/liquid products won’t do alone, as it will dry and evaporate from our hair.


Any leave-in and cream can still dry and evaporate it even doesn’t entirely do the job on its own. A cream seals in the water or liquid, but an additional layer needs to seal in the cream.


The final layer protects you from the harsh and cold weather. It seals it with a kiss. The oil will seal in each layer application, locking in all the moisture applied to the hair. Oil makes sure that the moisture is trapped and that the hair is protected.

It is essential to moisturize your hair correctly so that you can prevent unnecessary breakage, and not miss any steps that I have mentioned before. (Please check out my Product Junkie series for products that I use for the LCO method) find us on IG


Let me know which METHOD DO YOU USE?