Pros and Cons of Mini Twist in 2021

What is up to my sistaz and brothaz, welcome back for another one. If you are new welcome I go by Krootz…so recently I did some mini twist and I think I’ve gathered enough information to talk Pros and Cons. Let’s jump right into this blog.

Introducing Mini Twist


First, we can safely agree that there is no denying that a mini twist style is one of the gorgeous, protective hairstyles that you can wear at any given time! They can be rocked during all occasions, from the ballroom to the beach.

Mini twists are very versatile and can be rocked by ladies with all lengths and hair types. If you are curious about rocking mini twists as a hairstyle but aren’t quite sure about what you may be getting into, I’ve listed a few pros and cons that can better serve your wandering mind.


Mini Twists Natural Hair


1. Creates a fuller look

Mini twists are an excellent option for those of us with low density because they create the illusion of voluminous hair. This is due to the smaller twists resembling loose hair and the fact that even though your twists stretch your hair, there is still some shrinkage with them.

As we all know, for most of us, our loose hair can showcase super volume but can also mean more upkeep. With mini twists, you can get the volume and low manipulation all in one.

2. Less time to install

For most of us, mini twists can take a shorter amount of time to install. I say most because with my mini twist it only took 2 and a half hours to complete my entire head.

Most women state that it takes them between 1-3 hours to install mini twists; you know it depends on the size of the twists and even the length and density of your hair.


3. Easy removal

Mini twists can take little to no time to remove. This removal time can last between 30 mins-2 hours. I would suggest using some oil to coat your fingers and removing your twists being as generous as you would like to because the oil can act as a great pre-poo.


mini twists

1. Frizz can occur

So on to the cons, which I only have 2, because I adore mini twist that much.

I may be the only one here, but I adore my frizz. However, I know that many women may not. With mini twists, frizz can arrive much sooner than one would want.

This is even worse if you are a daily spritzer.

2. Length of hair is shrunken

I’m, not the only natural that enjoys showing my length vs shrinkage. Sadly, while your hair would have more stretch than it would with a wash n go, mini twists aren’t numbered one choice for showing length. I did band my hair the night before installing my mini twist and made sure to use very little water, and my length remained.

Hopefully, this will help you in deciding on mini twist being your next protective style. Thank you all for checking in…please leave me some feedback on your pros and cons with a mini twist. Consider a straight perm texture if you’re going with a straight look. Also, check out these clip-ins.

Signing off:::: Krootz