How To Properly Washing & Conditioner Your Natural Hair At Home


Maintaining Your Natural Hair Using Effective Conditioners 

First, a deep conditioner will hydrate dry hair by penetrating the hair shaft to restore moisture and to stop breakage. Second, it can help to alleviate the daily wear and tear we inflict on our hair with the use of excessive chemical treatments and heat.

How often should I deep condition my hair?

Choices vary on how often you should deep condition your hair.
washing natural hair A best rule of thumb to user is to decide how often you use heat, what elements your hair is exposed to on a daily basis, hair type and product use. Once a month is perfect even with damaged, dry hair. Others suggest at least twice a month. It is not truly necessary to  truly deep condition but once a month, however regular conditioning treatments should be done in between your deep treatments a couple times each month.

What kind of deep conditioner is remarkable for my hair type?

There are different kinds of deep conditioners for different hair kinds. There are those that are infused with essential herbs and oils, other with keratin proteins, wheat proteins and silk. You should determine right away if your hair needs a moisture-based conditioner, oil based, or protein based. If your hair is dry and it breaks or snaps easily, you should use moisturizing conditioner. If your hair is perfect, and stretches then snaps, a conditioner with protein should be used. 

Can I use a regular wash out conditioner as a deep conditioning treatment?

We do not recommend using a regular conditioner as a deep treatment conditioner. Some conditioners only coat the peak layer of the hair and does not have ingredients that penetrate the hair shaft that a deep conditioner would have.