How to Become A Lazy Natural

lazy hairstylesI would hate to use the word lazy if you feel like your not so, let’s refer to this as the busy natural as well. The one thing that I love is not messing with my hair constantly. If you are anything like me you literally have no time with the kids, work and I mean if you have a significant other on top of that I have no idea how you can do it.


So, the wash n go and having the hair out was cool for me before but me two kids later has no time to be messing with my hair all day. So, what better way to let you in on tips for lazy or busy natural hair method. This is a way where your hair can still grow your hair and help it stay moisturized.

Wash & Detangle 1x week

When I tell you even once a week can sometimes be too much so this is for those that need to wash their hair once a week. Since I don’t do too much through the week I sometimes can get away with extending my hair for two weeks.Yes, if your super busy have a day (it could be your me time day) where you have a full out session with your hair. Or if your “super busy natural” like I am I will do the shampoos/conditioners that have the 2 in 1 like the naturlicious Moroccan rhassoul 5 in 1 clay treatment for tight curls & coils.Anything that’s all in one and works well for my hair I’m good to go. You can also do your own wash routine and detangle to make sure all the shred hairs are out so you don’t cause knots or tangles.

Style Hair 1x week

Styling your hair once a week is what’s really going to get your hair growing and thriving. You can take the time to do a flexi rod, perm rod set or to keep your hair thriving every week what I like to do is a protective style.Protective styles that don’t expose your ends is what’s going to help your hair last for the entire week. So, think of styles that have a flat twist, two strand twist or braids. Styles that are more like updos can possibly last a week if you do a great moisturizing session with the LOC or LCO method prior to styling or you might have to do midweek moisture.A midweek moisture session would be spraying some water and a little shea butter or creme to keep it from being dry.Another way you could moisturize is using a restorative spray like mane choice restorative spray or using oyin handmade leave in spray to give you the moisture that you need.

Deep Condition Once every 3 weeks

How this works is instead of your usual wash day routine that you would do once a week you would replace one of them every three weeks with your shampoo than your deep conditioner. What deep conditioning is going to do is give your hair that extra moisture that it needs to continue to be healthy.If you don’t have a deep conditioner adding things like honey, olive oil, castor oil or yogurt to your weekly conditioner can make it into a deep conditioner.I don’t want you to feel like you have to spend a ton of money attempting to buy all these products. However, I want you to understand the importance of a deep conditioner if you have damaged, brittle, or dry hair. What a deep conditioner will do is keep your hair moisturized, add sheen and replenish luster.

Protein Treatment Once every 3 weeks

A protein treatment is what’s going to give your hair the added strength it needs for your hair to keep thriving. Protein treatment doesn’t need to be done often so after you do your deep conditioning treatment after 3 more weeks you can do your protein treatment.If your hair is severely damaged then it’s best to do this treatment every 4-6 weeks but if not then every 3 months or so is fine. So, with protein treatments see what works for your hair so that you could be using an egg protein hair mask, apogee or any protein treatment.If you do not know whether you need a protein treatment the best way to tell is by taking a strand of hair after the shower or if it’s dry begin to wet it.Gently stretch your hair if it breaks then you will need a protein treatment. If your hair goes back to its original length without breaking then you can go a couple of more weeks without another protein treatment.

Spray Leave-In/ Water Mixture Everyday

I absolutely love my leave in/water mixture sprays. If you have read my posts before I always talk about my water and aloe vera juice spray that gives my hair the moisture it needs. Each night before I go to sleep I spray my hair before twisting it back up or putting my bonnet on for the night. Adding the extra Ingredients for moisture is going help with from your hair continuing keep the moisture in throughout the week.Especially through all the environments and places that your hair has encountered. Spray to make it slightly damp not to make it soaking wet. A lot of times I won’t spray the hair directly unless it’s in braids or twists. What I usually do is spray above my head so the spritz falls on my hair.What this does is it gives it an even distribution and gives just enough product I need to keep the hair moisturized so literally 2-3 sprays should do the job to give your hair some moisture using this method. This is under one minute.You have businesses, fitness. kids and personal/professional goals that all need to be worked on so here is the busy naturalista way to keep your hair thriving while doing all you need to do for your hair. Make sure to trim when needed. If you want to look more into trimming you can find that in the article here.What are some ways you make things quicker being a busy naturalista?