Product Junkie ? pt 3 Leave Ins and Oils

Welcome back I am about to get into Part 3 of my amazing 5 part series of PRODUCT JUNKIE. I will be talking about some of my favorite leave-ins and oils, which are really important factors when moisturizing your hair.

Why do you need a leave-in

Leave-ins supply moisture and strength, a great leave-in conditioner can also provide shine, boost curl definition, eliminate frizz, refresh your curls, and help sustain your hair until your next wash day.

It’s because of you…Cantu…

During my transition, there were only select products I would Allow Myself to use…only because I figured why to spend money on so many products when I’m not even 100% natural yet…and this leave-in conditioner moisturized my transition hair so well, and made it so manageable!!

Cantu Leave-In Conditioning repair cream

shea butter leave in conditioning This leave in was very affordable as well and I also enjoyed the scent. It is for very dry hair and my hair was the absolute worst during my 6-month transition…and even after I decided to big chop I was still able to use this leave in for my natural hair. It was also very creamy, idk about you all but I LOVE a creamy product.

Curls blueberry bliss reparative leave in

Curls blueberry bliss reparative leave in ? Next up, I would say this product I used more when I was completely natural and I absolutely love this product, it smells like blueberry candy… but a con is definitely the price. This leave in conditioner left my hair defined and moisturized it was very thick in its consistency and was easy to pair with other products as well….easy accessible. Now in my personal opinion, I would rather spend money on affordable products so I did buy expensive ones but it didn’t make sense when then affordable products worked just as good if not BETTER than a lot of the high-end products…IN MY OPINION!!!

Mielle Organics Leave In Conditioner (pomegranate & honey)

Mielle Organics Leave In Conditioner (pomegranate & honey) Last, but not least Mielle Organics came out with this line not recently but its fairly new and my hair drinks it up. I always receive compliments on how yummy my hair smells, so that is a pro and the consistency is fairly thin but it moisturizes like no other. I purchased my leave in from Target but it is available online as well. The ingredients have no sulfates, parabens or any of those harsh chemicals. It is however on the pricer side…$12.99. You want to explore and find products that work for your hair, that is the number one rule when purchasing!! Also, I have used so many more leaves in conditioners, too many to name on this blog but the ones that made this list are my GO TOS and that’s why I decided on this series to help those who can’t decide or just don’t know what products to use.


So, above I mentioned a few of my favorite leave-ins and now we are on to lock in that moisture and you can only do that by using oil or butter!!! I hardly used oils to seal in my moisture I enjoy using products that have either butter in them or oils…but during my transition days, I did buy a few oils.

Extra Read All About It.

EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil)

EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) This oil never let me down, it penetrated through my strands so well..leaving my hair shiny and not weighed down. You don’t want to apply oil to your scalp every day, because then you will have to cleanse it just as much. Only apply it to the strands!

African Shea Butter (white)

African Shea Butter (white) My go-to staple sealant would have to be this Shea butter as well and yes my dear you can also but Shea butter in your hair it isn’t just for your BODY! I never knew I could achieve such amazing results using Shea butter. It could also be used as a styler, my results would be so fluffy and soft. I would purchase my shea butter online, and the prices would vary, but never super expensive. (Depends on size) @ms.kinkyrootz I have been natural over for over 5 years and I still use a lot of the products I have named in this blog today, except for the olive oil…I have taken a liking to Jojoba oil. (New subject..different blog) Again, this is not something you have to use or buy just a for those who have asked me for the type of products I used when I was transitioning and now being 100% natural. There are millions of products and I will never ever have the desire to go out and just purchase just because my favorite YouTuber used them, and then it might now even work for my hair…so always, always do what works for you and your hair, it will save you the $$ and frustrations!  Hopefully, this will help someone, my pt 4 and 5 subjects will, of course, be about my favorite creams and stylers and that will pretty much conclude my series…if you enjoyed this series and would like more…COMMENT BELOW I have so many ideas in store! signing off:: Krootz  

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