When the first season of Orange Is the New Black came out, I had mixed feelings about it prior to having watched it. I wondered whether I would find a series focusing on female prisoners interesting enough. After watching the first episode, however, I took back my words because girl, I was impressed! What made me fall in I love with the series the most was the amazing representation from the African American leading ladies. It is not often that you find a series that has such a multiracial cast. If you have not watched this series yet then I recommend that you get on it and be entertained. This post is solely dedicated to appreciating these stunning African American queens.


Uzo Aduba

 She plays the character of Suzanne A.K.A Crazy Eyes Warren who is an inmate that has been adopted by Caucasians Suzanne is a troubled inmate because she suffers from a mental illness. This makes her one of the most interesting characters because her situation makes her go crazy, hence the nickname. What type of hair does she rock? She has medium-length type 4 hair. Throughout most of the seasons, we see her living up to her nickname, crazy eyes because that is how her hair looks in most of the episodes, like a hot mess! Her most infamous look is by far the Bantu knots. Sister is always rocking these and she doesn’t even give us an opportunity to see them as Bantu knot outs! Another look that she occasionally rocks are chunky twists.

Samira Wiley

 Does she play the character of? Poussey Washington?. Poussey, unfortunately, died in the fourth season (spoiler alert for those who haven’t watched it) but I’m including her in this post because she deserves it. In the series, she acted as a lesbian inmate who was known for her intelligence and love for reading (she worked in the prison library). So what type of hairstyle did Miss Poussey rock? She had a bomb TWA. As simple as this was, it looked stunning on her because she is just so gorgeous. I feel like if she let her hair grow, she would have that curly type 4 hair.

Daniella Brooks

 Does she play the character of Tasha A.K.A Tasty Jefferson?. Her character is an assertive inmate who is very outspoken and opinionated. She has shown great leadership skills in the series and as a result, we see her as the glue within her friendship circle. She has a very bold personality so this has sometimes gotten her into some trouble. What kind of hair does she rock? Tasty has medium-length type 4 hair. When I say that this girl has got some hair volume on her head, I mean it! She has the most beautiful curls going on. Throughout the seasons, she mostly rocks her hair in her curly afro.Vicky Jeudy

 Does she play the role of? Janae Watson. In the series, she is depicted as the quieter one within her friendship circle. She is known for her athleticism as she was in her school’s track and field team before she was incarcerated. Her character is unfortunately not shown as much as the others however, that does not take away from her presences from the show. What kind of hair does she rock? Out of all the other African American characters, her hair seems to be the shiniest. I don’t know whether she’s been greatly blessed with that shiny hair or if she uses some good products (if she does, she better spill the tea on that). I think she uses some type of styling gel because that would explain her fantastic definition. Also, don’t get me started on her edges, always laid!

Cindy Hayes

 Does she play the character of Cynthia Tova A.K.A Black Cindy Hayes. Now listen here, in my opinion, Miss Cindy Haye’s character has the biggest personality out of all these women. This inmate is someone you fear but secretly want to be friends with at the same time because you know that being in her circle will keep you safe. Not only does she have a presence, but she is also extremely funny too. What kind of hair does she rock? She has such rich and bouncy hair. If I’m not mistaken, I think she has the longest hair too. Her signature looks in the show are her massive Space Buns and a High Puff. All in all, the African American characters on this show are blessed with beautiful natural hair. I don’t know whether the casting directors deliberately wanted women with great talent who also happened to have a great head of hair or whether it was out of pure coincidence. Nonetheless, I’m so glad they made the cut because now I can watch the show, be entertained by their acting as well as be inspired to grow me a healthy head of hair too! Do you watch Orange Is the New Black? If so, who is your favorite character? Let me know in the comment section below. You can also follow me on Instagram and? YouTube Until next time, stay naturally you.