What are Naturals thankful for this Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is a time of giving thanks for the great things and experiences we?ve had over the year. This year has been a fruitful year for the natural hair community where we saw many tools and accessories become staples. ?In this post, we are going to list products that naturals are the most thankful for this year.?Maybe you can find them during a Black Friday sale.

  1. Fine mist Aerosol spray bottle

?? Continuous Mist Empty 10 oz Spray Bottle $13.99 I don?t know about you, but I?ve seen this spray bottle everywhere. For people with dry prone hair, this spray bottle is a major key. It?s a bottle that sprays water in a smaller mist style that is said to increase absorption into hair strands which, leads to better and deeper hydration. Best of all its relatively cheap!  

  1. Metal cuffs

Braiding Hair Decoration Jewelry 100pcs $9.99   These bad boys have taken the natural community by storm as an excellent tool for hairstyles. This can help turn a style as simple as a low maintenance bun into a stunning fresh look. ~ Be warned, though these can be pretty cheap, they can also be prone to having color fading issues and breaking if you don?t change them out often. ~  

  1. Clothes steamer

  HoneyBull Clothes Steamer | Handheld Steamer? $19.99 The idea of steaming has always been a suggestion for penetrating moisture and used in many a deep condition routine. Steaming was usually achieved through specialty hair steaming machines that can easily cost 60 dollars and up. However, the price is no longer a deterrent from steaming treatments because naturals are now using these cost-saving alternatives. You can use these steamers to achieve similar (almost identical) results as compared to pricier machines. ~Be warned, steam coming from the clothing steamer is hot, so use the steamer at a distance to avoid hurting yourself! Watch some YouTube videos for the how to.

  1. Revlon paddle brush dryer

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer $38.77 This tool blew the natural community away!? Tons of natural hair care YouTubers?reviewed?this dryer earlier this year. When it comes to how fast and effective this blow dryer works,?it?s an almost a unanimous thumbs up around the board. It?s said to combine the straightening/detangling process into one easy step which leads to a sleeker finish. What?s also great is that it?s a cheap dryer, running for about 40 dollars at Walmart.

  1. Blue Magic hair grease???

Blue Magic Conditioner $5.67 That?s right, Vaseline?s cousin has made it on the list as a tool naturals are thankful for. When used sparingly and properly as a sealant only, it is an effective way to keep moisture in the hair for more extended periods of time. Some say that the grease can also clump curls, but in my opinion, you have put on too much at that point. ?This product would do well with high porosity naturals that have a problem with keeping their hair moisturized. DON?T PUT THIS ON DRY HAIR, and this has no form of moisture in it. This product creates a thick barrier that helps to smooth strands and keep moisture from going out but, that also means it makes it hard for moisture to come in. Also, during wash day, you will have to bring out a strong clarifying shampoo to help avoid build up. Though this controversial product has some cons, when used correctly it can give you great shine, defined twist outs and braid outs, and moisturized hair for a more extended amount of time. Have you used/ love any of these things? What products are you guys thankful for?