Nappily Ever After

By: Michelle Andrea

It is starting to become an exciting experience for me when I know Netflix is releasing a black original series or movie. Mainly, because I?m rooting for everyone that?s black!? But I really do love relating to; or at least attempting to, relate to characters that look like me. That brings me to Nappily Ever After. Now trust me, I?m a girl that hates to see how much the ?innanets? has to say about everything; so I?ll keep this basic. However, as a natural hair stylist and a member of the tribe since 2011, I was so intrigued to see what gems this movie held. While watching, I started to feel I was rewatching a movie I had seen before. Perfect girl with perfect guy with a seemingly perfect life. (Sounds like us watching everyone on social media right?) Let me start by saying, I honestly loved the plot and can appreciate the message of the movie. But It seemed to ring A Lot to the tune of her movie Something New but with the basis of hair. For me, the movie left me really wanting more from the story. But I?ve kept in mind that this is based in a book, so maybe there?s gonna be a sequel (who knows?!). Nonetheless, I will say the movie did send a strong message of choosing ones self love over the opinions of others, including family. This topic is something I constantly instill into my clients. Loving you for the real you rather than living from the opinions of others. I know it?s much easier said than done; however, we as a community have to begin healing ourselves with self love. Much of our love for self comes from what we perceive others love about us. Which seems to turn to pain from not measuring up to everyone?s standard of you. With our hair being our crowns; we as the Queens, Princesses, Duchesses, etc., must begin to love and protect our hair too. The European standard of beauty is a trend I hope comes to an end very soon. Trust, I?m no natural hair police, so I?m not saying EVERYONE should be ?natural?, in a curly state. I say this to bring continued enlightenment to really caring about the techniques, technicians and products we put/let in our crowns. The statement of ?It?s only hair, it?ll grow back?, is true. However, that?s only when we actually take efforts to care for it properly. So let?s leave this post with this motto,?Protect your crown, aura and sanity. Protect YOU!? thanks for visiting