So, I have heard the age-old of jokes about the way women of darker hues look with blond hair and I’m not here for it. Recently, someone decided to take it upon themselves to again ridicule women for the choices they make with their hair! That someone is Peter Thomas, Nene Leakes’. he said in his video that darker skin women can’t wear blonde hair. He states that blond hair isn’t for everyone. He later goes on to elaborate that he saw a dark skin woman with an ugly shade of blonde and that spurred his rant. First and foremost let’s not pretend like we haven’t seen countless dark-skinned women snatch our edges with blond hair! I believe that anyone can wear anything they want but I also believe that finding the most complementing blonde shade is difficult. I write this post not to say that any shade of blond is off-limits because that definitely isn’t the case. This post is for helping you find the most flattering shade for yourself should you choose to have a little more fun as a blonde!



There are a couple of things to look for when it comes to any color and especially with blonde is your undertone. There can be two women with the same skin tone that look better in different blondes because of their undertones. Are you more of a warmer undertone (ie yellow, red, or peachy) or cooler undertone (blue or pink) or are you neutral A quick way to figure out your undertone is by looking at your veins. warmer undertones have greenish looking veins, cooler undertones have blue veins. Knowing this will make picking a shade of blonde that complements or has the same undertone easier. I will show some examples of what shades of blonde usually work for the different undertones. *Because neutral undertones are a mixture of warm an cool undertones, they have a wide variety of blonde hue choices. Depending on whether you lean a little warmer or cooler is the colors you should look to try!*

Warm undertones

When it comes to warm undertones warm blonde colors like strawberry blonde, honey blonde, golden blonde, platinum hair with yellow undertones all complement well. 

Cool Undertones

Cool colors like ash blonde, platinum blonde, beige blonde pair well. These colors are more on the bluish or greenish side of the spectrum and give of a whiter/ silver look.? Not all cool tone blondes are this drastic or white, but they do have the same tint to them.   


With blonde hair, highlights and low lights can really deepen a look and give it more dimension. When you add highlights and low lights you can take a shade of blonde that wouldn’t normally work and make it warmer and cooler. The two pictures below show warm undertone blonde shades but one looks cooler. This is because the blonde in the bottom picture has cooler blonde highlights. 

At the end of the day, whatever color you feel amazing in should be what you wear! There are examples of women who completely disregard beauty rules and make unique looks that they love. Don’t let people like insert name of any ignorant person keep you from shining. You wear your blonde locks and shine brighter than the sun! It’s 2019 and we no longer care who is watching and we are living freely and authentically!