NAPTURAL85 SHORT FRO! GET THIS LOOK! – My Natural Hair Extensions


YES Naptural85!!!

We all love Naputal85’s natural hair. However we may not all have her length or volume. I came across this older photo of here when her hair was shorter. I fell in love and wanted to tell everyone how they too can get this look! Her natural hair texture is 4a with beautiful little curl ringlets and lots of natural hair definition. So lets get right into the tutorial on how you can also achieve this look!

Things you will need:

  • 1) 10″ Coily bundle
  • 1) 12″ Coily bundle
  • 1) 14″ Coily Closure
  • Denman Brush
  • Leave-in conditioner or curl cream
  • Wig Kit (optional)
  • spray bottle
  • edge control (optional)


  1. Braid your hair down so that the extensions will lay flat in the front for your closure installation. We recommend applying the extensions to a cap to make a wig unit however a traditional sew in is fine.
  2. Apply the 14″ Coily Closure to the front middle section and sew it down. The knots will not come bleached. The closure is optional. If you have 4a hair and it is at least 12 to 14 ” long at the top than a closure may not be necessary although we do recommend it.
  3. Take the 10″ bundle and apply that to the bottom towards the nape/neck area and begin to sew it down. Do not cut the wefts, fold them over once you get to the end to help prevent shedding. You are installing the length upside down with the 10″ at the bottom, the 12″ in the middle and the 14″ closure at the top.
  4. Once the 10″ is finished our you are towards the middle section go ahead and start to sew down the 12″ Coily bundle until it meets seemlessly with the closure. Cut the excess.? Store and save all unused extensions in your Extensionista Storage Carrier.
  5. Now that the hair is installed take a spray bottle with warm water and wet the hair. Apply your leave in conditioner or curl cream to the damp hair and smooth it in with your fingers.
  6. Section by section take the denman brush and comb through the hair to define the curls and make them pop. Part your closure to the side for a side part.
  7. Shake your hair and let it air dry!
  8. Smooth those edges with some gel or edge control (optional) and you are good to go!

I absolutely love this style. Its sexy, edgy, and chic all at the same time! If you liked this post or think you may try this style then please comment below and let us know what you think!