5 EASY MOISTURIZING MISTAKES – My Natural Hair Extensions


Winter is here and the best thing you can do for your hair in this weather right now is keeping it moisturized. I noticed that a lot of you have a tad bit of misconceptions when it comes to what it actually takes to moisturize your hair. When reading this post the point is to make sure you are a pro at keeping your natural hair tresses long and/or healthy. The main way you can do that is by keeping in the moisture because it will* Prevent dry & brittle hair* Prevent Breakage* Prevent knots @kandidkinksI know you do not want any of these hair issues so here are some mistakes that can easily be fixed when learning about moisturizing your hair


Only Oils & Butters

Now, I want to make this clear that yes oils and butter can moisturize your hair but not without it being damp or spraying your hair with a water based leave in to keep it moisturized. Placing butter with no water will not moisturize your hair. So, keep in mind you will need a duo match to keep the hair healthy.

Glycerine in Winter

If you have not been paying attention to what ingredients are in your hair it might be something you want to take a look at. Using glycerine during the colder months pulls moisture away from your hair. If you want to know some products that do not contain glycerine they are Camille rose whipped butter gel or twisting butter, kinky curling custard, and then twist & define creme. These are ones that I can think of at the top of my head but there are plenty of more to choose from.

Wash Out Conditioners

It seems like people been doing this for a while using wash out conditioners to keep hair moisturized. Let’s try to decrease this in 2019. There is a reason why the people that make the products tell you to wash it out. It’s not meant to stay longer in your hair. You can end up having limp, dull strands that will just make product build-up worse since it was meant to be washed out. If you can do a D.I.Y leave-in conditioner or use the appropriately leave in conditioner products.

Sealing in Moisture

So when I talk about this point of sealing in moisturize I’m referring to the entire process with the LOC method. I know when you’re in a rush it can easily be lead to doing whatever is quick right whether that’s slapping some gel on and heading out the door.If that’s not you, what about using only leave in conditioner and thinking you’re good to go. Nope, both options will not work.If you want to really trap the moisture in going through the whole LOC process is what’s really going to help you. In case you don’t know, I’m talking about the leave-in conditioner, oil (something that will moisturize so castor oil or JBCO is my favorite) and the creme which could be your defining creme or my personal favorite whipped shea butter.This whole process is what’s going to trap in moisture. Even when I use gel, I make sure to do the entire LOC OR LCO process then add the gel on last so my hair can be sealed in with moisture from the beginning.

Wrong oils

This can easily be a mistake since there so many different posts out there that talk about using coconut oil or any oil it can seem like using only oil will help with moisture. However, no, not every oil will help with adding moisture to the hair.It’s good to use what I like to call a carrier oil like jojoba, castor, olive oil or any heavy oils. Next, you can add other oils you may have heard like rosemary, tea tree oil, grapefruit or lavender to name a few to really give your hair the boost of nutrition and smell.2019 we are going to make sure your hair is moisturized and ready to go for the winter. I want to hear from you. What mistakes have you made when it came to keeping your hair moisturized.