The Holidays are approaching and the next party, date or family function is coming. You have your outfit ready but what about your hair.? Here is a collection of cute styles to be sure to look great at your next function.


1) Holiday Hair Braided Bun

You cant go wrong with a cute front style with a nice braided bun in the back. I love how this style looks so creative but super simple. You can create parts, braid or twist then connect to the next one until you get halfway. Then have hair extensions that you braid and connect to your hair. 

2) Massive Hair Bun

I love how this massive hair bun looks when wearing a dress or something where you really want what your wearing to be shown off. You can do this again with some hair to create a huge bun like Melissa does below. 

3) Faux Hawk Look

Melissa does it again with this cute faux hawk look for an instant showstopper. She mixed it with her own hair and the faux hair which made this look so complicated but chic.


4) Chic Ponytail

You can do a chic ponytail using kinky straight or natural curly clips-ins. You want to gather your own hair in a ponytail and put it in a twist. If your hair is too thick part it halfway and gathers the back first then smooth the front and gather it with the back ponytail to make a sleek ponytail. She attaches it to the ends then clips it all the way up. Take another clip in to wrap the ponytail towards the top. If you want to look in her video to find out more information how to achieve this look you can find it here

5) Golden Twist out

If you already do a fabulous job doin twist outside than you are going to love this. What she does is do a fabulous twist out, did a part on the side then used these golden Bobby pins to jazz it up. You can do so many different designs with these Bobby pins I found some people make snowflakes or stars with them or keep it simple but still cute with having them laid in a row. 

6) Cute Low Faux Ponytail

I love doing this look when I want to give my hair instant volume. You can do this from a stretched twist or add some clip ins to the bottom of your hair to get some more volume. What you are going to do is smooth each side down with Bobby pins like your doing two low big tails. This is going to give you a nice ponytail look with twice as much volume.

7) Side Bang with Two Strand Twist Out.

This is another way you can jazz up an old twist out. This will be a quick 5-minute style where you can take half of your hair part it to the side. Next, you do a flat twist towards the front going to the side to give an instant bang. Take the other side and can sleek it down so goes behind your ear pinned with Bobby pins. 

8) Side braid with perm rods

If you want to show of your new earrings then you cant go wrong with a braided side part with flat twist and perm rods on the ends. This is going to give a stretched flat twist defined look that is surely going to get you noticed. 

9) Side braid with a braid out curls

This is another side braid look but this one only goes halfway versus all the way down in the other look. You would braid your hair on one side either 3 to 4 braids then make individual braids with the rest of your hair then flex rod the entire braid. Make sure to carefully separate using oil then pick the roots slightly to give a more volume look. You can always do this look with your clips ins since its 100% human virgin hair as well to give instant volume and for your hair to look cohesive 

10) Flexi Rods with bow

In this romantic style, you can flex rod the entire hair. Next, pull the back towards half of the head then add a nice accessory to the back. You can use Bobby pins to pin your hair up to how high or low you want it. Leaving out some curls in the nape and sides can give a more romantic look. 

11) Braided headband with Bun

You can’t go wrong with this still Jada has where she has the front of her hair braided like a headband. Then she has a nice bun in the back to give a nice sleek look. 

 One of this can be gu our next look or inspire you to be standing out with your natural hair. Which one do you think you would try?