Would you spend on a blow dryer?

There are tons of natural hair products, vitamins, and equipment being sold to us. In such an upgrade/buy more society sometimes it’s hard to decipher whether a big buy is a splurge or an investment. I found two blow dryers for 399.99 dollars. That’s right after tax these dryers are OVER FOUR HUNNIT DOLLAZZZ! Revair Reverse Blow Dryer  blow dryer? This blow dryer claims to dry hair in third the time, use half the wattage than conventional dryers, and straighten all at the same time! Before you think this may be too good to be true there are two you tubers I saw reviewing this that made me think it may be worth the investment. The first you tuber, Naptural85, showed the power of the Revair against her daughter’s hair and her hair.  blow dryerrevar As you can see, by the pictures alone the straightening power seems to be a proven claim. By watching her initial review video, you can tell that using the Revair takes time and practice to get the handle off. One con I can think of is that it is a lot of equipment and can be a hassle to carry around or travel with. Even in the first video by Naptural85 the weight of the Revair was mentioned but, because it is so time efficient you don’t have to hold it for long. If you want another in-depth review of the Revair to take a look at you tuber Shekia Renea who showed two different hair types (3C-ish and Type 4 hair) ~bonus~ If you want a laugh, watch this video of a comparison of this blow dryer with a vacuum cleaner. (side note: This You tuber also had good results but she did speak on the cons fairly well) skip2mylou?You tuber:?skip2mylou   Dyson Super Sonic hair dryer Revair Reverse Blow Dryer This dryer comes with a smoother nozzle, concentrator nozzle, and a diffuser. You can buy it straight from the Dyson website and get two free gifts. The choices of the free gifts are storage bags and display cases, and an average detangling comb. If you want the super extravagant version, you can pay 499.99 pre-tax for a 23.75 karat gold version that comes with a gesso red case, which alone runs for 59.99 *rolls eyes* Jewellianna Palencia, a you tuber, posted a video comparing the results of this blow dryer with her standard 35 dollar hot tools one. Despite the thumbnail, the video showed that there were similar results. The Dyson dryer was way faster, had more power, and you had more heat control.?Jewellianna also mentioned that she noticed less frizz. I didn’t like that Jewellianna didn’t use the diffuser attachment. She said that the attachment had limited air flow and it would take forever to dry her hair. If that is the case, I would be angry to know that my 400 dollars blow dryer attachment didn’t work well. Conclusion Honestly, only you decide what is important for your hair and what you are willing to spend. Both of these dryers came with pros and cons. Personally, I feel more inclined to purchase the Revair over the Dyson. The Revair seemed to really do a great job of straightening all hair types and was extremely fast. The Dyson is a strong current blow dryer with normal attachments. To me, Dyson’s price is based more on the name than the actual results. Which one do you like more? Would you spend $400+ on a blow dryer? What’s the most you’ve spent on a hair appliance?