Traveling With Natural Hair

Vacation: What am I going to do with my hair?

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If you are natural, then you know how much time and effort goes into prepping your hair the night before an eventful day. But what do you do to your hair when you are about to go on vacation.? Traveling on a plane, train, bus or long distance road trip can be a hassle when it comes to natural hair. What do you do when it’s not time to take your twist out yet but you do not want to look “frumpy” in route to your destination either.? I am going to go over some really cool ways to style your hair while you are traveling along with some easy protective styles that are still sexy and chic. Lets dive right in……

What’s the weather like?

The less obvious but most important thing to do is figure out what the weather will be like while traveling and once you reach your final destination. What season is it? Is it hot, humid, dry, cold, is it tropical ect. Knowing what the climate will be like will be the first step in preparing your hair for your trip or vacation. High humid and windy climates will cause frizz and puffiness, especially for us curly girls. Now is the time to decide rather you want to hide your hair in a cute protective style or pack the right products and curl creams for your hair texture to combat frizz.? It may be hard to find travel size jars and bottles of your favorite curl products so its best to buy empty 2oz jars and spray bottles from Walmart and put your products in there.

Prep Procedure

Preparing your hair for traveling usually involves extensions.? ?First, you want to do a good clarifying treatment to your scalp to get rid of product buildup. A good product is Apple cider Vinegar. ?You can make a D.I.Y rinse with apple cider vinegar and water but I like using Creme of Natures Clarifying rinse to give my scalp a nice clean feeling especially if you plan on leaving the extensions in for a few weeks.? Once you clarify use a deep conditioner on your hair like you usually would. So, the key here when preparing for travel is to do the LOC method prior to putting your extensions in. Which if you been in the natural hair community for a while you know it’s a leave-in, oil and creme that has to be put in your hair. As for a leave-in definitely, something that is moisturizing that really is going to lock the moisture in. You can use whatever you have at home. Then for the oil, I like to use a thick oil like Jamaican Black castor oil which of course doesn’t smell the best when putting it in but for me, the smell goes a way, and I know that it will keep my hair moisturized for a while. Keeping your hair moisturized is what’s going to keep your hair growing. Lastly, apply your favorite curl cream.

Picking a hairstyle: Protective styling

One of the best things to do is go with a style that keeps your natural hair tucked away. Box braids, cornrows, crochet hairstyles are always good options for traveling. You can still style pin your hair up in a way that is stylish and sexy with traditional protective styles. Another option is to use a cool scarf to wrap your hair up. Lets say you do not have time to get your hair done or you want to showcase your curls because it a BAEcatin then you can always be sexy with a dope headscarf. Go ahead and prep your hair the night before you leave, and during your travels?you can wrap your hair in a dope style with an African print head wrap or whatever color goes with your outfit. Throw on some fly earrings and you’re ready to go. Warning!!! Now is not the time to try something new. I would not recommend trying new natural hairstyles or new products on your hair during your trip. There is a chance that the product will?not work well with your texture or the style may not come out the way you anticipated. The last thing you need on your vacation is a bad hair day! Jazz up your look with easy to manage clip-ins. I recommend these because they are easy to take in and out and the styling options are limitless unlike a traditional sew in. My Natural Hair Extensions has beautiful clip ins that blend with pretty much every curly girl texture from 3a to 4c. There are also Clip ins for straight textures that blend amazingly with permed or natural hair.

Bring your must-haves:

The way baggage fees are set up nowadays who wants to pay extra money because large products are taking up room in your suitcase. The most common and worst thing we can do is forget our must-haves when traveling. Make a list of your hair routine and break down?whatever you can into travel size containers. Don’t forget your edge control, detangling brush and your satin or silk scarf.? Most edge control gels are travel size compatible but if not use one of the small containers.??Depending on the hairstyle you may personally prefer to skip the scarf and bring a satin pillowcase if you’re trying to keep it sexy. Just NO bonnets LOL.?You can always tie a scarf in a cute way. The easiest way to remember what you need is to make a list and check it off.Another great product to bring is your very own D.I.Y Leave-In Spray is going to have my little mixer of products that will keep my hair moisturized. The basic formulas for this are aloe vera, water and a little of your favorite leave in within it.? I like to add peppermint oil, jojoba, and JBCO to add a little bit of each in there and feel a little refresher from the peppermint. The leave-in spray is what you can spray on your natural hair extensions and your scalp that is going to keep your hair feeling moisturized and protected underneath.

What suggestions do you have for Traveling With Natural Hair

Is there something I forgot to mention or do you have any helpful tips then please share below in the comment section!

Article created by Nikki Leshawn & Samantha Arnold