?Welcome natural gals and gents…?I am super excited to begin my blogging experience and hopefully you guys will enjoy and become apart of my blog FAMILY. (if there is a such thing..if not there is now!)??I have the opportunity to blog for MYNATURALHAIREXTENSIONS and basically talk about whatever comes to my little mind..I will also be doing product reviews, hair tutorials,(via pictures) and rants and so much more. In no way shape or form am I a NATURAL HAIR GURU, I only do what is best for MY HAIR and if that just so happens to help someone go forward in their journey then HONEY CHILE BOO BOO GIRL.. that just adds pudding to the pop..or is it pie!!

TO BLOG or NOT TO BLOG.. that is the question!!

I have received so many questions on my social media accounts (click that link and follow me on Instagram.. !! For example, “What products do you use on your hair?? How do you use those products? Is that a braidout or twistout? How long have you been natural? What do you recommend for breakage?, etc… when I get the chance I do respond to a lot of the questions but that is why I chose blogging to answer them all IN ONE..also, to me it isn’t time-consuming like have to edit and find songs and background and blah blah…although i do have a channel with like 4 videos annnnnnd I GAVE UP.. okay, okay im being dramatic I didn’t give up per say I am taking a bit of “a break”…yeah that’s it “a break”. With being a working mommy of 4 blogging just fits my lifestyle as of NOW!!! (stay tuned for the ALL ABOUT ME BLOG)


Furthermore, I personally feel as if there are so many naturalists that come off as being a PRO or HAIR GURU and never show the true mess ups that we all endure…like stop lying girl you edited that video so well i didn’t see that BALD SPOT..aha ..and that’s why i always state MY HAIR because when I first became natural i made the mistake of wanting to purchase every product the girl on you tube used because our hair looked SIMILAR or her results were so amazing it HAS to work for me really start to question your ability to even achieve a good hairstyle..forgetting that you both might have different porosity and density. I’m cool enough to be THAT chick to share my mistakes and we can LEARN AS WE GO …show you all my good days and bad without being judged on how many followers I have or views…pssshh people need to start READING more anyway!! haha Hopefully, you all will allow me to entertain as well as inform you on the many things that I love to rave about in blog, fashion, gossip, life and LOOOOVE!!! In conclusion, I just want to thank you all so much for taking the time to read my 1st blog post and it will not be the last…I have some low key issues with staying committed to new adventures but for some reason this one FEELS DIFFERENT! oh before you go?Just to let you know..comments are welcome insults are NOT lets just try to KEEP it?FUN…(please and thank you)!   signing off ::::MS KROOTZ kinky rootz