This year has been all about securing a bag and moving in silence but while you are securing that bag are you taking care of your hair Being natural can be a challenge in itself, but adding all that life throws at us while keeping our hair moisturized is a different beast. Below are some tips to help take the stress out of hair maintenance during the week.


1. Multitask

instagram: @glowprincess As I’m writing this I am rocking the grocery store bag hat deep conditioning my hair. A good tip to handle hair care and life at the same time is to multitask. Get that incognito deep condition treatment while on the go by putting on your favorite deep conditioner, plastic cap, and a stylish turban or scarf style on top.? That way you can go grocery shopping, to class, or even work knowing that you still look fly and your hair is thanking you.

2. Rock the twists or braids before the style

instagram: @stasialovescurls Before you take those twists and braids down, get the most time out the style by rocking braids and twists. It also helps with hair retention and guarantees that your style will be more defined and fully dry. Add some jewels, rock a bun or scarf it up, to stretch the time through the week.

3. Buns are your best friends

YouTube: glamtwinz334 What better way to stretch that old twist out or wash and go than putting your hair in a voluminous bun.? When those twists outs or braid outs don’t come out right and you are stretched for time, having a bun technique or style ready to go is important. It may take some practice, I had to practice putting my hair in a bun in different styles to make sure that I could do it without getting tension headaches or lumpy uneven buns. Just like the twists you can add accessories like the metal cuffs or stylized twists. Also, for my shorter haired naturals, don’t feel left out, there are so many tutorials out there where extensions are added to give you the same look!

4.Speed up your wash routines

YouTube: Naptural85 Recently, I have become the queen of cutting corners in my wash routine to speed it up. I have gone from an hour to 30 mins by styling and detangling while in the shower. Also by deep conditioned before the shower, the detangling process goes by so much faster. I also believe having the right tools help you to wash and detangle efficiently, for me a paddle brush is sooooo important. There are tons of videos but one that stuck with me was by Naptural85. She did all her hair in around 25 mins, if she can do it we can too!


For me, wash days are Wednesdays and Sundays, this helps me to have some time in between for styles and keeps me from over washing my hair. Set a day or time and stick to it. Nothing messes up the flow of your week, then falling off schedule and trying to play catch up. The more you keep with a routine that works for you, the faster and more efficient you will become. Muscle memory and autopilot will become your friends as you are able to, without thinking, keep your hair moisturized and happy. Consistency will help you to grow your hair and keep you stress-free. Let me know below what your routine is!