Hola y bienvenido! It’s pretty gnarly that I get to share some knowledge (and information about myself) with you. I shall tell no lies; since accepting this blogging position, I’ve had writers block, with some co-occurring anxiety and definitely stress (life). Worry not! I wont be dumping mindless jargon, but rather, precious little gems you can pick up and take with you on this little journey we call life. I am a lover of all things food and art, a daughter, friend, sister, mother, teacher, scholar, social justice advocate, and chef, and last but not least, a comedian. Proud owner of a parakeet named Charlie and a cat named Maple, so far, they’re both still breathing. I love, LOVE, love natural, curly hair. I still wish I had that mindset as a the 9 year old who begged her mom for a relaxer when I should have stuck with the press and curl. I’ve been told over the last 15 years, People want to hear what you have to say. So, rather than letting fear (of rejection, lack of interest) continue to cripple me, I went out on a very, very, small, even weak perhaps, limb and by golly, if it didn’ pay off! Research is natural for me and sharing what I learn, well that’s what blogging is for. I have an immense love and passion for educating those around me, near and far. When all is said (and typed) I just want to cultivate an environment where others can learn and then move forward, making informed, non bias decisions.

Welcoming change

Living in Oklahoma via Sarasota, Florida, was definitely a culture shock. Believe you me, there are still things that happen here and there, being Florida, that result in me just shaking my head. My Madre hails from the South Side of Chicago and my pops was a Cuban immigrant with Haitian ties. He succumbed to cancer when I was in fifth grade. A few short years later, my mom uprooted up and resettled in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I grew up in a diverse household with a mashup of different cultures; Afro American, Cuban, Haitian, and Native. Rarely did we have complaints about the variety in meal choices. I am currently a Mental Health Professional (MHP) in the state’s capital; Oklahoma City. While this isn’t my favorite place to be, I believe, wholeheartedly, there are several reasons I’m still here. Any time I’ve attempted to leave I come back, so I began to plant some roots and really live life. I see no point in just existing. Progress is made even with the smallest changes. Change in attitude, change in atmosphere, change in your social circle; it can all equate to progress.


For nearly a quarter of a century, I have been living with type 1 diabetes and finally took charge of my health roughly 6 years ago (we might be able to say “denial”). In June of 2017, I found out my kidneys were in stage 3 of renal failure. For those of you who don’t know, there is no stage 4; it’s straight to dialysis for stage 5, sometimes leading to complications and/or death. THAT FREAKED ME OUT and honestly, dropkicked me into bouts of depression. I can’t be around here missing limbs. To myself, I thought that just doest happen. I continued making necessary life changes and secretly prayed to come back as someone with a working pancreas should I die.

Finding good ground

Present day, it is December 2018. Applications to doctoral programs are being submitted, I’m writing out a plan to relocate, investing in myself, and continuing to learn. Now that the year is wrapping up or winding down (I find both appropriate considering the season and a little amusing when paired together), I can list the things I’ve learned; one of the most important was having faith in myself, enough of it to love myself above all else. Stepping out of my comfort zones and usurping life. There’s no backtracking from where I’m at. Let’s continue to speak positivity into the atmosphere and see what we reap in 2019. As a lifelong Mr. Rogers fan and in somewhat true Mr. Roger’s fashion, I ask won’t you be my reader?