A Product To Help Reduce Shedding Your Natural Hair !

I’m usually on the search for a D.I.Y inexpensive product that can help with my hair becoming healthy. I believe I have found it. I have been focused on decreasing the amount of shedding and breakage since last year I had a lot of hair loss from not taking the right foods and vitamins. I heard about using hot oil treatments for the hair but when I heard about using tea for your hair. I know I had to check it out.   Have you heard of using Green or Black Tea for your hair to help with excessive shedding? I feel like I’m late to the game with this because I didn’t realize how many positive effects that it can have for your hair. It actually can improve various scalp conditions and boost the health of your hair Benefits * Minimize Shedding You can also do this with decaf but using caffeine in black or green tea can help with reducing hair loss. Supposedly after each week, you use the tea it can get less and less. I wouldn’t advise putting caffeine in your hair on a consistent basis so if you do happen to do it each week for a month take a month break until you do it again. * Increases Hair Growth: It helps with growing your hair by getting the blood circulation of the scalp and encourage your hair follicles to keep growing. * Anti-inflammatory: the tea has anti-inflammatory properties that help with offsetting scalp conditions that can cause hair loss. It can treat scalp conditions such as psoriasis and dandruff which will get your scalp back to being healthy * Adds Shine and Softens the hair Because the vitamins that the tea has it helps with softening the hair. What tea can also do is help with closing the cuticle to porous hair to create the shine. Through research and youtube videos as well it said to work fast to stop shedding. People have seen results simply after the first use. Ingredients 8 oz boiling water Heat-safe container or mug Applicator bottle Green Tea First, make the tea like you would any other so heat the water over the stove to bring at a boiling temperature Pour the hot water over the tea bag and let it sit for 30-45 min or some people have done it for 15-20. It all depends on what temperature you would like your rinse. If you do use caffeine version which is usually found in black tea, it can make the hair a little more dry even if it does add those benefits. When using the caffeine version you do get a little more stimulation for your scalp but keep in mind it can dehydrate the hair if it’s too much caffeine within it. So, if it does have caffeine allowing it to brew for only 5 minutes versus 30-45 would be a lot better. Pour the brewed tea into an applicator bottle to be able to apply it easier to your hair. Make sure to focus on the scalp but you can still have the rinse go throughout your hair. When you condition and detangle make sure to focus on the ends. The tea can make the detangling process a little smoother. When you rinse after 15 minutes it being in your hair make sure once it’s all rinsed out that you follow up with a deep conditioner to be able to keep the moisture in. I want to emphasize that because the caffeine can be drying so having the moisture immediately back in will really help with your hair flourishing. Check out this product. Have you tried using tea for your hair? LEARN MORE