My hair is super tangled up! Which natural hair comb and brushes should I use to detangle it? I want to seriously add some volume to this fro! Which comb will help me achieve this I need to do a protective hairstyle. Which comb will help me achieve neat parts If you find yourself constantly asking these questions, then continue reading this blog for guides to natural hair combs and brushes.  



 Our fingers are perhaps the most underrated comb. How many of us actually begin to use our fingers as a form of detangling prior to combs Yup, the majority of us! Why though Simple, our fingers can literally detect all the knots, tangles, dirt, or whatever is forming in our hair that combs can’t detect. It’s so easy for us to get frustrated and impatient with our hair that we begin to force combs through our tangles and thus causing unnecessary breakage. Using our fingers will lessen this unwanted breakage.

Afro Pick

 What do I use my Afro Pick for I use the Afro Pick to add much-needed volume to my hair? To achieve an Afro look, Afro Picks are the most suitable combs to use because they were designed with long enough teeth to penetrate our hair shafts by picking up our roots to achieve the required elongation. I don’t just use the Afro Pick on Afros though. I would also use it on hairstyles such as the High Puff. High Puffs are also hairdos that need some form of picking to make the style look more voluminous and uniform.

Detangling Brush

   So, if I was asked to choose a brush that I wouldn’t be able to live without then that brush would be a Detangling Brush. What do I use my detangling brush for? The name honestly says it all. This comb assists us in the dreadful process of removing all the knots and tangles found in our hair. The bristles are normally made from plastic so this brush is gentle on our hair. On every occasion, however, detangling should be done on wet or moisturized hair. When our hair is wet or moisturized, it will give aid to an effortless detangling process. An important tip for detangling. You should begin from your tips then to your roots because if you begin from your roots, you will have to force the comb through all your tangles. It would basically feel like trying to ride a bicycle through a typhoon (an absolute disaster by the way). This will cause great damage to your hair because you will be causing unnecessary breakage that could’ve been easily avoided.

Wide Tooth Comb

 What do I use this comb for? Detangling! Whenever I have my wash day routines, I will also utilize this comb. Wide Tooth Combs are usually used as the first comb during our detangling processes because the teeth are wide enough to thoroughly glide through our hair without causing too much breakage. When you first detangle with a comb that has narrow teeth, it will definitely get stuck because well, our hair happens to be super coily. Like other detangling combs, the Wide Tooth Comb should also be used on wet or moisturized hair. Remember that detangling should begin from the tips then to the roots.

Rat Tail Comb

 This has got to be the most interesting name of all the combs we use. If you love protective hairstyles (like me) then this will most probably be one of your most-used combs. With other combs, it is quite easy to guess what their purposes are as their names are self-explanatory. Do you think an easier name would’ve worked better for the rat tail comb (the parter maybe). Anyway, I’m the worst when it comes to naming stuff so don’t mind me. As I was saying, we mostly use Rat Tail Combs to make neat parts for our protective hairstyles but there are some people who are brave enough to use this comb to detangle their hair. Yeah, I don’t know how I feel about using the Rat Tail Comb to detangle my hair. Rat Tail Combs has one of (if not the most) thinnest teeth that you can find. I’m already imaging feeling the pains from detangling with this comb.

Denman Brush

 I rarely use this brush hey. I own one but it’s just sitting somewhere in my hair closet waiting to be utilized. I think the reason why I don’t use it is that it just frightens me. When I look at the Denman brush, the teeth look like they will legit pull out all my hair out. I just look at it and see my hair getting more tangled instead of being detangled. Don’t let my opinions discourage you from trying this comb out because it is a very popular comb within the natural hair community. There’s a valid reason for its popularity so try it out and see whether you can rock with it or not. Who knows, maybe you might end up loving it so much that you will convince me into liking it too! Having read this guide to natural hair combs, which one is your favorite Let me know in the comment section down below. You can also follow me on Instagram and YouTube. Until then, stay naturally you.