6 WAYS TO STRETCH NATURAL HAIR – My Natural Hair Extensions


I love rocking my fro with no problem but sometimes I’m ready to put the fro up and switch up my look. However, I don’t want to end up with any type of damage. Especially heat damage that doesn’t go away. Usually, to keep your hair from knotting up on a consistent basis it’s best to have your hair stretched. What stretch hair does is help with less breakage and less of those pesky fairy knots. 


Here are ways you can have a heat less stretched style:

It also helps with getting a beautifully stretched style updo or make it easier to braid for your next protective style. Stretched styles can easily look like you put heat towards your hair when all you did was wait rather than immediately putting heat in your hair. Heat can be in moderation but if you can refrain from it to keep hair healthy and thriving then please do.

1. Banding method

Banding method is where you split your hair into sections usually 4-6. Next, you start wrapping goody hairbands or the longer headbands around the ponytail going down the hair. While you’re wrapping the hair down you shouldn’t see the hair much. It will be fully wrapped with the hairbands until you get to the ends.

2. Two-strand twists or braids.

This has been my favorite lately where do my L.O.C (leaves in, oil, cream) method and begin to twist the hair. My twists are usually in medium size sections. When all my twist is finished I usually have it stretched towards the other side of my head then bobby pinned down. By the time I wake up, it gives a nicely elongated look

3. Bunning

I usually only do the running method when I’m in a rush. This is a super simple style where I make a low taut bun that will have my hair stretched. I do still have to moisturize beforehand because if not my hair will be extremely dry. Another way that you can do the bunning method is to split your hair in half and make a ponytail on each side. Next, you can begin twisting the puff and wrap it around itself.

4) Heavy Butters

If you have type 4 thick hair then butter is going to work best for you. If you have fine hair milk is what’s going to work best with this method. However, heavy butter such as shea butter or heavy creams can stretch your hair out. It will also keep it moisturized for a longer period of time when on damp hair.

5) Flexi rods / Curlformers / Perm Rods

These styles take a lot more preparation and time but still can add a stretch look without adding heat. If you want to double stretch your braid or twist what you can do is add a perm rod to the end of it to be able to get an extra stretch to the ends.

6) SSS Hair Stretch & Curl Plates

CWK girls have these plates that stretch the hair without the heat. In case your wondering the SSS stands for (Snap.Stretch Style). These plates are super simple to put in while also giving a stretched look.You simply use them on damp hair for a faster drying process. Align sections with the pink plates and snap them into place. The tools are said to be flexible enough to sleep in but if you’re in a rush it can take being under a hooded dryer as well.What is your favorite way to stretch your hair?