3 WAYS TO PREVENT AND TREAT DRY, ITCHY SCALP As this weather has been getting colder my scalp has been severely dry. I can tell by the white flakes that appear and my scalp starts getting itchy. My dry scalp then leads to my dry hair that has been looking dull and lifeless. The worst part all the dryness leads to that itching feeling that I can not stand. It seems like when my hair is styled that itch gets even harder to reach to try and scratch. Unfortunately, it’s a little hard to talk about but the dry scalp has made me see a lot more hair that’s coming out on my comb. If this has happened to you, I wanted to stop this scalp dryness immediately. I went deep dive in research, so not only will this post help you prevent dry scalp but also treatment if you already have it. Honestly, since this dry scalp itching started it seems as though a lot more hair has been coming out, more than it should be. What you might not know is that dry scalp can be one of the causes of dandruff. You know the white flakes that can appear near your scalp, hair and sometimes clothing. The ending results of dry slap can be itchy, irritated and make your hair look dry. A dry scalp can not produce enough of natural oils that come from your scalp (sebum), this leads it to make it dry and scalp itchy/flaky. One of the key ways of being able to prevent and be aware of the reasoning behind dry scalp in the first place. Dry scalp can happen because of your

  • Diet (vitamins, healthy clean eating)
  • Weather changes (cold/dry weather),
  • Shampooing hair too much especially if it has sulfates
  • Hair products that contain alcohol
  • EczemaFYI: I want you to know that having dry scalp is not something that you do one time than think it’s solved. You have to continually take care of your hair and do it consistently. Those little extra steps like this pre-poo, leave in and conditioning treatments are what’s going to give you great results.

Ways you can prevent your scalp from becoming dry is using pre-poo treatments for your hair


1. Scalp massages with your favorite oils:

A gentle scalp massage with your favorite oils such as:

  • Coconut oil: coconut oil can moisturize the scalp from its antibacterial and antifungal properties.
  • Tea tree oil: This oil can be pretty strong by itself so mixing it with castor oil or jojoba oil before you shampoo leave it in for 10-15 minutes or even an overnight treatment prior to washing it out.

2. Apple cider vinegar mix:

Mix 1/3 apple cider vinegar and 2/3 of water. Once you have this mix in a spray bottle, you can spray your scalp until it’s saturated. Then you want to give yourself a nice scalp massage for around 5 minutes but let is sit in your hair for a while. I love to use this as an overnight treatment but even keeping it as long as 30 minutes will suffice. What apple cider vinegar also does it gives a chance for your scalp to be clarified from the build-up that has accumulated on your scalp. What this will also do is eliminate the bacteria or fungi that could be causing the itch.

3. Nutrition

I know this is probably the leading thing people hear but still do not understand how important it is. When we don’t have good nutrition or beauty techniques will suffer in the long run. It will give you an over or underproduction of oil on your scalp. When you’re deficient in your nutrition it leads to your body not working at its best, which includes our hair. When you start to eat the wrong foods that can instantly take an effect on your hair and scalp. Junk foods can cause dry scalp and dandruff. Drink your water and hydrate which not only will make you feel good inside but your hair will love it too. If you’re having trouble getting your proper nutrition from your diet take a multivitamin and use supplements.

4. Hair products

What you buy and put in your hair matters. If you have been looking at articles on natural hair you would see one of the keys is looking at the ingredients for no sulfates or alcohols in your products. The alcohol in the products can instantly dry out your scalp yet along with your hair as well. Also, frequent washing or using hot water can dry the scalp out as well. In addition, limiting the use of any type of heat to give your hair a chance to recover and get a break. If you need style ideas you can look at the post here or use one of our best sellers to instantly give you a new look without the feeling of needing to use heat.

What do you do to help with your dry scalp?