Deep condish…what’s the scoop..

Welcome….to part 2 of my 5 part series pertaining to products!!! If you haven’t already go ahead and check out my part 1.. First, let’s talk about what a deep conditioners purpose is…A deep conditioner (or hair mask) is a hair care item that can nourish and strengthen hair. It typically contains more fatty acids and lipids than traditional conditioners, which can help restore moisture to the hair and help protect it going forward. (Google definition) So, from the definition we know that basically its for restoring moisture, deep conditioning is very important in any hair care regimen. I am going to give you guys a few deep conditioning products that worked for me along my journey. 


  1. Aussie 3 minute miracle Moist deep conditionerI am in love with this affordable deep conditioner, pricing in at $3.99 although, its not a hair masque and you are suppose to rinse out in 3 mins the results are why i keep running back, I always leave any deep conditioner on for 30mins or more, and it all works the same. This Aussie has such amazing slip and my curls glide when I am detangling for wash day. A friendly reminder, you never want to use a deep conditioner that lacks slip and if you don’t feel moisture return back to your strands after applying get rid of it..

2. Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque

Next, this deep conditioner is second on my top masques. Its not a pricey masque I think it starts at $7.99, but you will be paying for a product that gives your hair the most amazing moisture in life…it also smells like Shea butter which is an all time favorite scent of mine, it also gives off some amazing slip and my curls clump together so well. Shea moisture deep treatment also has no parabens, sulfates etc…so that’s a win/win!! Last but certainly not least, (Picture would not upload)  

3. Eden Bodyworks jojoba monoi natural deep conditioner

This deep conditioner has been very important to me in my journey because it replenishes damaged and dry hair and it does exactly that. The only con that I have about this conditioner is that it smells like tea tree oil, so if you are not into that medical type of smell this might not be for you but it gives my scalp tingles and my curls just responds amazing! Eden bodyworks can be found at Target or Walgreen’s and also online, and the price is 7.99 so not too bad. It has amazing oils which is what gives your hair that slip you need for an easy wash day. In conclusion, you want to make sure that you are deep conditioning your hair after shampooing or cleansing because our curls need moisture..moisture..moisture. There are hundreds of amazing deep conditioners but this again is sort of a cheat sheet in case anyone is having a hard time finding the right one. Yes, even if you use a good rinse out , those conditioners are not meant to restore moisture to the max, and if you want to really enhance your treatments add your favorite oils and heat up your conditioners and your hair will love you for it…trust me! Don’t sell your strands short…give them the spa treatment they deserve. Short blog today, haven’t been feeling well with this cold weather, and I really wanted to get this blog out…so please leave comments and feel free to leave a few more examples in the comment sections below on what your favorite deep conditioner is? Signing off :::: Krootz