First, I want to make sure to disclaim that I am in no way getting paid for talking about? any of these products, it is only my opinion!! Now lets get to the good stuff , I have now? ventured into trying different types of products, from small black- owned businesses that my hair has taken a liking too,but that my babies will be a different BLOG.



Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog! I hope you guys are enjoying my entries so far…so my last post I talked about my NATURAL HAIR I thought what would be a great next post…PRODUCTS!!???Oh yes, the one thing that sends a newly Natural to the POOR HOUSE! Creams, Conditioners, Shampoos, Leave Ins, Gels etc… I am going to discuss products that have helped me in my journey and maybe it will help you too as far as cleaning your hair?is concern lets jump into PART 1 of 5 in my Product Junkie Series!!? ENJOY.

Part? 1: Shampoos, Conditioners and Co-Washes

In my Shampoo vs Co-wash blog I touched based on how important it is to start with a shampoo or a cleanser to get any dandruff, product build up you might have in your scalp. During my beginning natural years I stood by the Raw Shea butter Shampoo by Shea Moisture. It didn’t have much lather, but my hair was still really clean and it didn’t leave my curls dry or gasping for moisture, and the smell was very pleasant. Shea Moisture’s is easily accessible and can be picked up at your nearest beauty supply or Walgreens (I always bought mine there)  



   Okay, now I know the title says PRODUCT JUNKIE, but to my defense when you first become natural you tend to splurge and want to buy every product your favorite You Tuber?has used on their hair and that my friends is how I stumbled on my next choice of shampoo Creme of Natures Sulfate Free Moisture and Shine Shampoo. This shampoo was my favorite out of the two because it had an amazing lather, and it was easy to detangle. Another benefit is that its sulfate free so none of that drying yucky stuff that makes your hair feel like a Brillo?pad…? 


Next up, would have to be my favorite products to apply to my hair besides the styler and moisturizer of course. When you pick a conditioner you want to focus on something that gives you the most slip, because this would be the time you focus on? working out the knots and tangles and Aussie moist conditioner to this day has been my GO TO for all of the above.? Besides the fact that this conditioner has amazing slip and the smell is so fresh it is hands down one of the most affordable conditioners around in my opinion. When I use Aussie moist I always go heavy-handed because my curls just clump together so well and who doesn’t like to see their curls popping!! I know I do..  




 Hello Hydration is another conditioner that has a ton of slip and it smells?like Tropical Paradise with coconuts; and also very affordable as well. I always try to pick a conditioner that is least expensive because? basically you are just going to?rinse out after shampooing, just to add a bit more moisture back into your hair. You don’t want to go broke buying your rinse out just make sure to remember you should?save for your DEEP CONDITIONERS vs RINSE OUT CONDITIONERS!!??  


Lastly, instead of shampooing your hair every week to 2 weeks you can skip a shampoo and do what us naturals call CO-Wash, which is basically washing your hair with a conditioner. Honestly, I enjoy washing my hair with shampoo, only because I try to prolong my wash days and I begin to create product buildup so shampooing is whats best for that situation, but maybe you just washed your hair and? you want to give your tresses a moisture boost…this was my only go to co-wash during my early years of being natural!

  • As I Am Coconut Co-Wash Cleansing Conditioner

 Now before you go out and buy this co-wash you all should know that you can also use any cheap rinse out conditioner to serve its purpose so the conditioners above that i mentioned would work as well, because honestly As I Am is not expensive but it is a bit on the pricey side. The scent is of tangerines and coconut I honestly?didnt love the smell. You can find the Coconut Co-wash at your local Sallys. One more product before I end this blog, it is not labeled as a Co-Wash, it is a rinse out conditioner and it is one of the cheaper ones at that.?  

  • VO5 Moisture Milks Moisturizing Conditioner

 Yes, Yes, a thousand time yes, I love the V05 it is only $1.00 and sometimes you can catch it for ..99 cents!! Specifically the passion fruit smoothie because it smells so amazing, it gives me plenty of slip and my curls do not tangle up and my hair is left feeling pretty moisturized and ready for any new styling products. So, if you can take one thing from this entire passage it’s saving your money and just try out the MORE AFFORDABLE products before you break your pockets trying to keep up with the JONES’S! That day will come where you can purchase the shampoo of your dreams that cost 24.99 but until then keep it THRIFTY and SIMPLE and you cant go wrong.


Thanks for checking out my PT. 1 and I really hope that this was enough information regarding the products that I have used during my journey, that I don’t necessarily use as of now, but from time to time I do take a trip down memory lane!! Stay tune for PT. 2, where I will talk about my Favorite Deep Conditioners!!   signing off:::::: KROOTZ <3