Congrats Michelle on becoming our April Diva of the month!!!

Q: Do you rock a perm? Are your transitioning? Or are you Natural? A: I am 100% natural and have been natural for about 9 years now. Being natural wasn’t always easy. Its only been in the last 2 years that i have finally learned how to retain length and keep my hair healthy. Q: Did you big chop, if so why? And what motivated you to go natural? A: I big chopped because my relaxed hair looked thin, ugly and life-less. I was also tired of those dreadful scalp burns after a relaxer touchup. This was years before the ‘natural hair movement’. My big chop inspired my 3 sisters and my mother to follow suit and go natural too. Q: How would you describe your hair ? A: Kinky coily, fluffy, the hair of a regal African Queen, unique and beautiful. My hair role model is Cipriana Quann. I wear a Ciprianna inspired bun to work almost every week. Q: What do you love most about your hair? A: Its very different and unique! I feel like an African Queen when i wear my hair in a bun. I wear my large textured bun with pride and get so many compliments especially because i live in a predominantly white community. I love how kinky coily and fluffy it looks! It’s also different to what you see around these parts in Australia. The population of WOC in general let alone with natural hair is very low. Q: What are some of your favorite hairstyles? A: I love natural hair Clip in’s, all things natural, textured buns, twist outs, braid outs, bantu knots. Q: What is your hair regimen (including fav products)? A: I have armpit length 4c kinky hair and i follow a mostly ayurvedic hair regimen. I use a clay wash every 2-3 weeks which comprises of raw ACV, water and a little olive oil. I then follow with a henna hair mask fortified with about 9 other ayurvedic herbs mixed in with coconut and olive oil. I leave the mask on overnight and then rinse out the next day keeping my hair in bantu knots the entire time. Once my hair is about 80% dry i spritz with water and seal with my DIY shea butter and oil mix and keep my hair stretched in chunky twists throughout the week. I am retaining a lot of length with this regimen and barely loose any hair when washing and styling. I intend on adding the MNHE clip in’s during the week as a bun for versatility. My favourite hair products are raw organic coconut oil, Napur Henna, Jamila Henna, Hesh Kalpi Tone, Hesh Amla, virgin olive oil and Out of Africa Vanilla scented shea butter. Q: Why did you choose My Natural Hair Extensions as your hair provider? A: At the time when i needed hair extensions for WOC there was none to be found here in Australia. When i found your website i was very impressed with the quality and service. I haven’t purchased any hair since then from you as i have been learning to love, grow and wear my own hair. Australia still has a very long way to go in terms of catering for the hair needs of WOC. MNHE had the best quality/grade of hair that matched my own texture seamlessly. Q: How can others find out more about you ( instagram, FB, twitter,website ect) , is there any interesting or fun facts that you want to share with everyone? (This is your chance to be as creative as you want, you do not have to talk about hair. You can talk about college, hobbies, fun facts about yourself, your career, anything ect have fun with it). Write as much as you want. This question is for you to shine!

A: I can be found via Facebook ( Michelle T Matimba). Though i am typical girly female and enjoy most things natural hair related, as well as following the latest fashion and designer trends i take pride in my work. I am a very dedicated and ambitious Clinical Consulting Pharmacist from Australia and have been practicing for about 7 years now. I always strive to make a difference and help others. My career allows me to interact with a diverse range of people. I help patients make informed decisions about their medications thus providing the best possible health outcomes. I have practiced in a variety of settings including hospital, community settings, aged care and oncology. A few facts about me: I graduated in the top 10 out of 200 in my class at the University of Sydney Australia and obtained a Bachelor of Pharmacy with Honours. I enjoy fitness activities and workout 4-5 times a week. I am the second of four girls. I am working towards becoming a doctor. I like all things natural hair. I think us women of color should embrace our natural beauty.I like afro textured hairMy natural hair extensions products match my own 4c hair perfectly. I am inspired by strong women such as Oprah and Serena.